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Adventure Lights

Posted by Stephen Regenold on Feb 20, 2008 6:31:16 AM


Adventure Lights of Beaconsfield, Quebec, (

makes lights for all type of flashing, signaling, attention-getting

needs, including lights and L.E.D. models for law enforcement,

search-and-rescue, the military, and public safety. This is a quick

look at three outdoors-oriented models I’ve been testing as of late. . .






The VIP Signal Light

is the company’s pinnacle product, an emergency L.E.D. that has been

tested “in deserts, the Arctic, in the stratosphere and hundreds of

feet below the sea,” according to the company’s press material. The

result is an emergency beacon light that holds up in almost any extreme

environmental condition, including 330 feet under water and in temps

ranging from 120 to minus-40 F.



The product (pictured above) can be used as a

flashlight, an emergency flasher and an SOS beacon. Twist the face dial

to toggle between these functions. I tested the VIP Standard Yellow Case

model, an $81 light that has a focused amber/orange L.E.D.—a color

optimized to enhance visibility and help penetrate smoke and fog,

according to Adventure Lights. Seemed to do the trick when I tried it,

pulsing bright and strong. The product is strangely shaped but

functional, with a belt clip and included zip-ties to secure the light

permanently to a backpack, life preserver, or other object. It runs on

a lithium battery (included) for a quoted 350 hours. Measures about 3×2

x 1.25 inches. Weight is 4 ounces.



Made to use in lieu of chemical glow sticks, the Lazer Stik Powergrip AA

looks like a children’s toy at first glance. But these steady-on light

sticks have a million uses—dangle them from a pack while biking, tether

to your PFD, keep them in the car for road beacons in an emergency.







company says the red light—which measure about 1 inch around by 6

inches long—can be seen from more than 2 kilometers away. They are

quoted to provide more than 50 hours of light using common AA

batteries. They are waterproof and fairly rugged. Attach them via

zip-ties to just about anything. Weight is 1.2 ounces apiece. Price:




The all-purpose Guardian L.E.D. is a simple white

flasher for signal and visibility use. It weighs less than 1 ounce and

can attach to anything via its integrated clip. The company quotes the

light for visibility up to 1 mile, and a single battery lasts for about

250 hours. Dual function of flashing and steady-on mode. Waterproof to

300 feet. Price: $14.






Company contact: Adventure Lights,



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