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HexaLite camp chairs from Crazy Creek

Posted by Stephen Regenold on Feb 29, 2008 10:38:02 AM

The new HexaLite camp chairs from Crazy Creek offer a campfire

seating option for backpackers starting at less than 1 pound. By

employing hexagonal-cored closed cell foam and polyester mesh,

these foldable, rollable seats provide the clamshell comfort and back

support the company is known for but in a more minimal package.


Crazy Creek (

sells two HexaLite models, the HexaLite Original and the larger

HexaLite LongBack, which weigh in at 14.8 oz. and 18.5 oz.,




I tried out the HexaLite Original model and was impressed with its

feathery weight and pack-ability. Fold it in half, roll it up and cinch

it with the seat straps and you have an unobtrusive package to strap on

the outside of a backpack.

You do sacrifice comfort in the name of weight savings,

though: The HexaLite Original has a narrow seat. My rear fit snug, and

I am by no means blessed abnormally on the backside. The company quotes

the seat width at 15 inches. But sitting in the chair the sides squeeze

in, making it feel smaller.



In addition, metal rods added for

rigidity in the seatback can press in and rub to an annoying effect if

you’re leaning back with some weight for a long period. (Note that I’m

being nitpicky here. In the woods, around a fire, this chair will

likely seem as comfortable as a Laz-E-Boy.)



The HexaLite LongBack model has extra width (18 inches) and a higher

back height. It may not suffer from those comfort issues. This larger

model, which I did not test, also doubles as an ad hoc sleeping pad for

backpackers, as it measures 38 inches long when laying flat.

Available: Now


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Pricing: HexaLite Original, $33; HexaLite LongBack, $44


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