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Nau 2.0

Posted by Stephen Regenold on Jun 24, 2008 10:57:23 PM

Last month Nau Inc., an apparel company based in Portland, Ore., announced that it was closing shop. This was to my disappointment, as the startup had a neat business plan based on sustainability, plus I was a fan of the Nau aesthetic, kind of a futuristic/urban look that took cues from technical outdoors wear.


But today the news is that Horn-y Toad Activewear Inc. has acquired the Nau brand, purchasing the bulk of Nau’s remaining assets and financing a “new Nau” that will launch on August 1.






"We’re thrilled to find a partner who both recognizes and values the unique nature of what we’ve created and is committed to supporting the growth of our business over the long term,” said Ian Yolles, Nau’s head of marketing.


Nau will be treated as a separate company from ***** Toad, but the two will share operational support, sales fulfillment and logistic services.


According to Gordon Seabury, CEO of Horn-y Toad, “We saw in Nau an innovative brand representing the perfect blend of outdoor, urban fashion sensibility with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. It is all about their innovative product, authentic brand and most importantly the talented group behind those attributes.”








The Nau look.


          • Toad’s long-term vision, according to Seabury, is to create a family of complimentary brands that can “learn from one another while embodying a do-the-right-thing philosophy.”


Nau’s products will continue to be sold through its website, The Nau retail stores will not re-open, though the company has plans to sell through other stores around the country, starting with ***** Toad’s Lizard Lounge store in Portland this fall.



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