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Invent-a-Sport Contest

Posted by Stephen Regenold on Jul 17, 2008 8:48:19 AM


Want to win hundreds of dollars worth of clothes from ***** Toad? The

Santa Barbara, Calif., company has launched a competition—the *****

Toad and Instructables “Invent-a-Sport” Contest. From July 10th to

August 10th, contestants can submit their entry by visiting and submitting the blueprint to a real or imagined fringe sport or outdoors activities.








As per the company’s promotional material, “there are hundreds of

sports out there with well-defined rules to follow (boring), but *****

Toad and Instructables think rules are made to be broken.”



latter which is a website specializing in “user-created do-it-yourself

projects”—want to see variations on existing sports or complete

originals. So far, entries have included flashlight tag, lawnmower

racing, skateboard sailing, extreme lacrosse, among many others.








Submit your entry with a text description, images and video (optional). Grand prize is a $350 gift card to



I have my own entry to throw in the barrel: Nocturnal Fixie Dog-Joring.

Don’t try this at home, but as of late I’ve been riding my single-speed

fixie bike hooked to my dog (dog-joring) at night. Quite a ride, as

Rodney the 90-pound Weimaraner can gallop at 20mph for almost two miles

dead straight. I let my legs spin on the fixed cranks, trundling down

deserted city streets near my house, following a halo of LED

illumination cast from my handlebar light. Will have to get an image

and post it to the Toad page. See if I can win. . .















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