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OR Trade Show Summer 2008, part II

Posted by Stephen Regenold on Aug 14, 2008 7:52:52 AM


Here's another peek at new and to-be-released gear, gadgets and apparel from the convention center show floor, bike shoes, 1-gram tent stakes and carbon-fiber kayaks included. . .


Confluence Watersports Concept Boats

These carbon-fiber/fiberglass hybrids took cake as some of the coolest products at OR this year. Available next spring in limited quantities, Confluence was calling these boats "concept designs," meaning the company was flexing some of its design muscles to show the potential of what they can do with the right idea. Lift one of these boats -- as I did in the booth -- and you won't believe the weight: The whitewater concept is a floaty 19 pounds; the sea kayak, a full-length schooner that'll purportedly be priced around $5,000, tips the dial to a feathery 35 pounds. Available spring 2009;!!


Terra Nova Titanium Tent Skewer

The absurdist's dilemma of trying to find the lightest-weight tent stake on the market just got even more absurd.  U.K.-based Terra Nova -- formerly known as Wild Country -- sells titanium tent "skewers" that weigh just one gram apiece. They stand about 12cm tall and are as thin as swizzle sticks. But company testers claim they keep in the ground through wind and rain if placed correctly in the turf. Available now in six packs for £15 at!!


Z-Medica Corporation QuikClot

In the hope-you-never-use-it category, Z-Medica Corporation's QuikClot product has a hemostatic agent designed to stop high-volume bleeding, including arterial and venous incidents. The small first-aid packets are filled with a granulated mineral substance called Zeolite, which comes encased in a porous surgical sponge. It works by removing the liquid components from blood, allowing the platelets to clot rapidly. According to Adventure Medical Kits, which will distribute QuikClot in the outdoor retailer sales channel, blood from a wound can take up to 30 minutes to clot. But QuikClot, the company touts, can clot a gusher in about three minutes. QuikClot is currently used by the U.S. military, and the creators credit this product as saving 150 lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Packs start at $9.99; available now; or!!


Princeton Tec Swerve

The Swerve can almost guarantee you'll be seen 100 percent of the time from behind on your bike at night. A pair of half-watt LEDs dance and flash on this bike-seat-compatible light. A clicking toggle switch turns the unit off and on and shuffles through its two visibility modes. The company says diffused and focused lenses send wide and narrow beams of light that are easier for cars to see from a distance. $29.99; available now;!!


Montrail Masochist

The women’s and men’s Mountain Masochist shoe was designed for trail pounders who might tick off 20 miles on any given Saturday morning. The shoe -- which also will come in a Gore-Tex iteration -- is advertised for the off-road runner "who wants exceptional fit, performance and breathability." Tech specs include a triple-density midsole with “Vapor Response” EVA foam; a flexible full-foot plate for protection; "Gryptonite" rubber on the outsole for traction and durability; and a lightweight upper with hydrophobic mesh and a gusseted tongue to keep dirt out. Weight hovers around 10 ounces per shoe in average sizes. $90 ($115 for Gore-Tex model); available in spring 2009;!!


Wenger Swiss Raid Commando watch

Designed for the Swiss Raid Commando, a semi-annual military training event organized by the Swiss Special Forces, this "black on black on black" watch has a black rubber strap, an anti-reflective matte-black stainless steel case and a black dial. Orange or green markings glow subtly for nighttime visibility. Watch features include a tachymeter for measuring speed over a known distance and a 12-hour chronograph that displays elapsed hours, minutes and seconds. $425; available now at!!


Mammut Smart belay device

As a new take on the belay device, the lightweight (82 grams) and inexpensive ($30) Mammut Smart has a locking feature that makes catching a hard fall easy and safe. The device works by forcing the rope into a pinched-off position when weight is applied, effectively locking off the belayed climber in a fall or when he or she needs a rest. The device is suitable for all ropes from 8.9mm to 10.5mm in diameter. Available spring 2009;!!


KEEN Springwater

The closed-toe and clipless-pedal-compatible Springwater is among a line of cycling products to come from KEEN next spring. The company touts the shoe as having "the same comfort and performance on the bike and off." Features include a cleat cap plate, a non-marking rubber outsole and a removable footbed. $130; available in January;

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