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What a phenomenal picture of you and your little bundle! I applaud your resolve to not open emails or get "dialed in" for a little while. It is true that we all want to jump back into life and get our bodies back (so to speak) after we deliver, however, that time in those first few weeks are so special and multi-tasking is just not what you or your baby needs. Your bodies will get back...maybe even better than before, but coming back in a smart way is the key to getting results, changing life styles and staying committed.






Great job!






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Posted by dorotajamal Dec 29, 2008

Hi Everybody. I'm excited to join the Team even though it was quite an effort for me even to start writing. In fact, I banned myself from reading e-mails or even opening the computer for the first few weeks after my baby was born. Matteus is my first child, now 2 months old, born Oct. 29, 2008. I  am crazy in love with my baby boy and at the same time a bit overwhelmed with all the time that it takes to take care of him. 


I was very active before Matteus was born. I worked out all the way through my pregnancy; in fact I was in my pilates class the day before I delivered.  I was taking prenatal yoga classes and i used to work out at the gym. I believe that all of this helped in my speedy delivery; under two hours. I was very relieved but in a state of disbelief. It all happened so fast; I didn't have a chance to get nervous!


Now, I am trying to set a daily routine with Matteus that will give me some time for working out and blogging. I'm finding it very challenging, days go by so fast.  So far I have gone to one pilates class for Moms with babies and I made it a few times to the beach for a run.


Living in Southern California, close to the beach definitely has great advantages. I love the outdoors and the warm weather. I will take hot weather over cold any time. I used to lived in Edmonton, Canada before that. Hiking and backpacking are my favourite activities. 


I'm looking forward to start hiking with my little boy and jog with him in the stroller. My goal for training with Team Bye Bye Baby Weight is to develop structure and routine for exercising, and to be able to run a Half Marathon by Mother's Day. Running doesn't come naturally to me and my longest run so far has been 5K. I loved how it made me feel at the finish line and I am looking forward to pushing myself and raising a bar. 


I look forward to getting your support and the challenging times ahead with my Team.













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The first week

Posted by blondmom Dec 29, 2008

The first week is over and I made it. It was crazy with the holidays (and the holiday eating). But now Santa has come and gone, leaving a new treadmill, although I am confused if that means I was bad or good this year. That aside I am grateful. Since, like I said in my previous blog, I do not run so it is nice that I can look ragged in the privacy of my home instead of in front of everyone at the gym.=0) I am hopeful that I will get better and better. My stamina for running is low right now. It is much harder than the precore at the gym. But I am determined.


I am packing and traveling to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. I have printed my training calendar to bring with me as to not get off track. I am looking forward to ringing in the new year and can't wait to see all that is in store for 2009. I am working on my video to post but I am having a bit of trouble getting it to load. I hope to have it up and running soon. Check in next week when I am back from vacation and update my progress!



Cheerfully, Lori



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Well, the first round of festivities have come and gone, and yes, like many of us out there, I enjoyed sweet treats and a little wine.  Time with the family was amazing but this morning it was time to get back in the gym after a few enjoyable days off!  Spin class was at 6am which is a lot easier to get up and out the door for when I haven't been munching on cookies all week    Needless to say, I made it out the door and out to the car (burr it was cold this morning) and once in the gym, I hopped on the saddle.  I forgot....I love spin! 



Sweating out the toxins got me right back on track and I am ready to face the new year with new goals and is not just a resolution this year -- it is a life change. So for all of you out there who want to take the plunge and get back in the saddle, dive in...The hardest part is at the begging and then it is all downhill from there.



I want to be able to interact with everyone on a virtual level, so I am working on a video to post so that you can get to know me a little better and see the changes that I will go through during this program.  I will have it up at the start of the new year for you to view.


Happy New Year to all and remember to go out there and get Active~Jessica



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Intro Video

Posted by Tamara2009 Dec 28, 2008

Okay, let's try this again...


Here's my intro video! Hope you all had a great holiday season and are excited to get moving in '09!






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And I am....Introduction

Posted by Active_Jess Dec 16, 2008

Hi everyone!


My name is Jessica and this is my first time blogging about, well....about anything! I joined the Bye Bye Baby Weight Team becasue I am finally mentally motivated to get back out there and be physically active again. I had my daughter Nora last August after a surprisingly long labor (22 hours plus 3 hours of pushing...aggghhh) which resulted in an emergency cesarean. Since I had never had surgery before, I had no idea what to expect and definitely under estimated the recovery time that the emergency version of this surgery entailed. Since I was confined to the couch for awhile after Nora was born, I ate and didn't workout at all. I could barely sit up let alone think about running...anywhere, so naturally I got pretty out of shape.



Now that Nora is one and running all over the place, and I am feeling back to normal (if that is possible after having a baby) I want to be the best role model for her that I can be in addition to losing the pregnancy weight. I have been in the gym at least 4x/week over the last month or so and I am excited to start working towards my goal of running my first 5K!! I am aiming for a lifestyle change with this program and hope to continue to participate in events with my family throughout the years to come. Charity is a big part of my life so this year I wanted to register for an event that our whole family could participate in. I will be running and fundraising for the Devil Mountain Run located in Danville, CA on the first weekend of May, supporting Children's Hospital.



I am a team player and look forward to being there for all of you throughout this journey and hope that you are all out there to challenge me as well. I am committed to doing this and am excited to have a team to keep me accountable. Have a great holiday and cheers' to looking great in 2009.




More to come~Jessica









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Let me introduce myself....

Posted by blondmom Dec 16, 2008

Hi! I am Lori, a working mom with 4 kids (9,6,5,2). I love working out but have gotten sidetracked through the years and the adjustments of being a mom. I started really working out again this past April and have lost 30 pounds(yeah 25 more to go) and completed the Avon 2 day walk for breast cancer (about 40 miles). I was looking for a way to expand my workout and this opportunity came to me!


So basically I don't run unless it's after my kids. So this will be a completely new experiences for me as I train to do the 5k Mothers day run in San Francisco. I hope to be able to venture out to do more races in the future. I am looking forward to begining my training with Farel and getting to know the other moms who will be going on this journey with me.



Lets Rock!! !!



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Posted by Tamara2009 Dec 14, 2008


Okay, here first blog entry ever



I'm Tamara and have found that fitness has been last on the to-do list for too many years! I've got 2 kids now, the latest born about 10 mos ago, and I've been working at losing the baby weight. However, I started off with weight to lose before I got preggers, so I really want to lose more than what I put on with baby #2. I also want to have the energy to chase after my kids after a long day at work, and feel strong and fit instead of tired and frumpy! 



I started running with friends in the summer and really liked the results I saw with being able to run farther and walk less each week. Since it's wet and rainy here in Canada now, I've been spinning twice a week instead which is fun too. But I haven't really been committed to making serious changes to lose more weight.



When the opportunity to join up with this team came around, I thought it would be a great way to stay accountable, set some goals and get motivated so I signed up. I'm excited to start working with Farel and Active - my long term goal is to be able to run the Terry Fox 10K Run in September 2009.



Can't wait to see the posts from the other participants!






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Hi Ladies!



I am truly excited and honored to be your coach through this process! I have sent Michelle the training plan and we are working to get it posted. Should be soon! Please write me with any questions or to report your progress.



It's on, ladies! Have fun and stay connected!



-Farel Hruska



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