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Fun in the sun

Posted by Tamara2009 Jan 31, 2009

This week I was off on business to sunny San Diego which was fantastic, given it had snowed here the day before I left! Ah, 20 degrees celcius (I don't know what that is in fahrenheit, sorry!) and it was great. Bummer it was dark by the time I left the office...but there were 2 treadmills in the hotel so I hit one of them for a 45 min walk/run. This morning I did 25 min, so I've managed to walk/run 4 times this week, the most I've managed to fit into one week so far.

Next week Keith my hubby is back to work after taking 3 months parental leave - we get 12 months maternity/paternity in Canada, so I took 9  months and he took 3. It was great for him to bond with the kids more and take care of them, cook, clean, etc. We'll see how the new schedule goes next week, with both of us working - I have a feeling I'm going to need to join a gym to get the workouts in, since Keith won't be home until 7pm in the evenings and it will be too dark to run solo.

Have a great weekend!


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Back from my Vacation

Posted by Active_Jess Jan 30, 2009


Well, for the first time since 2005, I took a real vacation.  I went down the Florida Keys with "Soozal" the newest King40 in the IRC II class.  Most of you are asking what is this?  In short - it is a premiere sailboat that is 40' feet long, fully equipped with the highest level of state of the art mechanics and was sailed by some of the most elite sailors in the world.






We were gone for a total of 14 days - and it was amazing.  Although the weather wasn't as nice as we were hoping, it still made for a great trip.  Once of the coolest things about Key West is that you never drive your car!  We rode bikes everyday, everywhere we went.  It was Nora's first time on the bike and her helmet didn't fit very well so, I was a little hesitant at first. She fell in love with it and pretty soon, I was hearing "Momma bicycle ride" every other minute.  We ate home-cooked meals (made by me and husband and 13 other crew members) so I knew what I was eating and snacking on all the time.  There were the occasional days out to eat once the crew went home and it was just my parents and my family in Key West....but hey, we were on vacation right?









I did walk a lot and rode my bike all the time, so I feel like I was able to keep up my routine.  Becasue it was more or a less a working vacation (cooking every meal for a crew of 13 hungry sailors) I wasn't able to stick to my running routine they way that I had hoped.  Tomorrow morning it is back to SET at 24Hr Fitness and then a good run on Sunday before the Superbowl.  We are HUGE football fans at our house and I don;t know about you, but we are doing what ever superbowl party does and snacking basically all day.  I will do my best to avoid the temptations while the rest of the house indulges :  )



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Sore like me

Posted by blondmom Jan 30, 2009


So, Wednesday I went on a 2.5 mile walk  with a few other moms and then headed to the gym for my weights. I felt a little place with my 30lb barbell next to the guy with the 200lb one, but I didn't let that detour me. I stood there and did my curls, military presses and bent rows. Yes my arms were burning. But as my old PE teacher use to say if you don't feel it your not applying yourself. She also said to smile through the pain. Which I did, though I probably looked silly because the guys around me were serious and grunty.



My next stop was the ab area where I did my best impression of situps and crunches (not my fav). I also did wall squats with a small ball behind my back. I did my walking ( at times shakey and off balanced) lunges at home. I felt pretty good about myself. Then came Thursday morning. OMG I definitly felt every muscle in my legs and I am not sure that they liked me. Especailly when I got on the treadmill. My run turned into more of a fast paced walk.



Today should be interesting as I reinact Wed. I let you know how it goes. Never give up!









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Run Forest, Run....

Posted by dorotajamal Jan 28, 2009

This is how I felt yesterday! I did my 20 min run in the morning. By the way, I like the advice of just getting done with the training first thing in the morning. In my case, it's first thing after I feed, burp, change the baby and pump for his next feeding, which makes it about 11:30 am. Anyhow, so I completed my run and ended up in the town center of Carlsbad where I was going to treat myself to Jamaba Juice and walk at the beach on the way back home. My plans got interrupted with call from my husband that I was supposed to be at home to meet with the couch-repair guy! Oops. Forgot that one! Ended up makeing another 20 min run back home instead. I was lucky the repair-man was nice enough to wait for me and I got my double run for the day. 


Things were going so well that day that I also ended up going to my Pilates class for a good hour and a half. My week is starting up well.




Wishing the rest of the team good results for this week! Let's do it Girls!!!















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Another week..

Posted by blondmom Jan 23, 2009

So running outside is much harder than the treadmill I found that out quick! I was a little discouraged that I got tired faster and my shins began to get sore. At least I found this out now and not the day of the race! I will definitely need to work on this. I was excited to get back to the gym and do something I am good at, the elliptical. I did 30 min of cardio and then followed it up with the weight training exercises outlined for us. I had to google a few of the terms. I am happy to report that a Military press is not a push up!! I did wake up with sore arms but it was the good sore. Not hurting but I could tell I got a good work out.


I am excited that my family is taking a part in this with me. My husband walks on the days I work out and my son, who just learned how to use the treadmill, wants a training calendar like the one I follow. It is a lifestyle change not just for me but my family which is awesome!


I have been following you other moms on team bye bye baby weight and you are all doing great! Keep rockin'!!





!! Lori



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Hubby to the rescue!

Posted by dorotajamal Jan 21, 2009


This was one of these days when I was about to run out of time to get out there for the run. So when my husband, Gulam came from work I resorted to asking him for help. Tonight, he put Matteus to sleep while I went for a run without the stroller for a change. 



I had a good 25 min run enjoying the time to be on my own with my own thoughts. I felt rejuvenated and ready to take another semi-sleepless night  on. Thanx Gulam!









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That's no SMALL VICTORY!!! You did it and realized how powerful you are...and can be! Congratulations!





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Hi Dorota (and all of you wonderful moms!):


You posted a good and important question, how do I know if the goal I set myself is too lofty? The answer will be different for each of you. The most important question to ask yourself, especially if you are newly postpartum is "Does exercise energize or deplete me"? The end result of your training should be rejuvination (maybe not immediately...but in the long run) To hit the Half Marathon mark by May, you would need to be ramping up in Feb to 2-3 days of 4-5 miles and your long days from 6-7, then in March 2-3 days of 6-7 and your long runs at 8-9. By April, your runs on those 2-3 days should consistently be around 8-9 miles with your long runs between 10-12. Depending on your race day, you would tamper that mileage off a little at a time the last week to a week and a half leading up to race day.



Ask yourself if this seems do-able...maybe start February out with this plan and see how you feel. Again, if 2 hours after you've ran/trained you realized that you are completely wiped out, you went too hard/too soon. This decision to change your end goal doesn't have to be made right now, start the process and have a back up race in mind. Training as a mom is a lot like motherhood in general: Go for your goals with a plan but know that sometimes we have to "punt" and that's ok!!!






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Second guessing my goal

Posted by dorotajamal Jan 19, 2009





OK so I set  a lofty goal for myself for end of May to run half marathon. After a week of running I'm starting to think that this was a bit too ambitious. I can do 15 min run and moving on to 20 min but I still have a long way to go. And there are days, like yesterday, when I got so little sleep that I could not bring myself to go out for a run. I opted for a snooze instead when Matteus took his nap.



Farel, do you think I have enough time to train for it? or should I reconsider my goal. If I stay with it how should I adjust the training to get ready for it?



Also, when I skip a day of planned run what is the best way to make up for it? Should I just run the next day? 






I am so glad to be a part of this program. It definitely challanges me.









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The first run

Posted by Tamara2009 Jan 19, 2009

Well, yesterday I started my running clinic and even though I've been spinning and working out on my elliptical the past 3 weeks, that running was hard! I must admit, it was more walking than running but I could feel it in my legs today. We walked 3 minutes and then ran 1 minute - and repeated 10 times. So we were out for 40 minutes and will be out again tomorrow night to do it all again. Even though it sounds simple and not very hard for someone who's run before, it's a great way to start out - I read Jessica's post and could totally understand what she was saying about running - so I like this program because I will see progress and start out at a level I can handle.

Also, I took Nancy's advice and tried not to be so 'good' during the day to avoid snacking at night. I had a great week and kept on track. However, on the weekend we had 2 social events, plus my son's fourth birthday party, so that was a little harder. But I'm back on track this week and feeling good - I find I have a lot more energy in the mornings already, by cutting out evening snacking and working in exercise 3-4 times a week. And I've lost the 3-4 lbs I gained over Christmas

Have a great week!


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A small victory...

Posted by blondmom Jan 16, 2009


Ok so last night I finally ran my 15 with out feeling ragged. I even ran hard the last minute. I was so pumped.!!  of course I saw that next week we are up to 20 min but I can see the progress and it makes me more confident that I can do this!  Thanks to those who have responded with helpful tips. I appreciate all the help that is offered.






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Getting to the next level

Posted by Active_Jess Jan 16, 2009


I am not going to lie..running is challenging for me. I love the way I feel when I am done, but it is sometimes very difficult for me to mentally motivate to even lace up the sneakers.  As part of this group, we are working with training plans designed by Stroller Strides to train us to reach our goal of running a 5K in May.  My workouts are really going well, but one thing that I was not aware of before I began this journey is that a 10 minute run -- especially after not running for an extremely long time -- is hard to due.  Does anyone have any suggestions about getting to the next level?  How do you get over the hump?



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Ok, so I know I have turned some of your stomachs with that subject header but I truly mean it! "Eat That Frog" comes from a quote by Mark Twain who said that if when you wake up in the morning you know you have to eat a frog, eat it right away! The longer you put it off the uglier and bigger that frog gets! So, is your workout YOUR FROG? Just get it done, before you take the time putting it off and building it up to be this insurmountable event. Get it done, enjoy the feeling of pride and sail through the rest of your day with that energy and strength!

*Wake each morning ready to EAT THAT FROG, Ladies! *


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keep on keeping on....

Posted by blondmom Jan 13, 2009


Wow -we have already reached week 3. I was hoping by now 15 min of running would be a breeze but the only breeze is from my huffing. I am able to go longer before I feel tired so that is good. I am still only getting a little over a mile done in that 15 min. Is anyone else where I am?



The food log is going well. I feel much more accountable for what I am eating and when. It is making me a much more conscious eater. I do work in a restraunt which is good and bad. I am on the go while at work and there are a lot of healthy options and also alot of non healthy options. Now I am finding the right balance so I don't feel totaly denied of good food! I love the pedometers that were given to us by Omron. I love the fact that it can store 7 days of information and automatically resets itself at midnight. I wore it to work the first day I recieved it and found that I walk an average of 3.5 miles while at work.  I hope that everyone is feeling good about where they are in their own training. Keep it up!!






!! Cheerfully,






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Staying on track...

Posted by blondmom Jan 8, 2009

We are back from vacation and I feel great that I was able to stay on track with my running schedule. While in LA I took my daughter Hailey out with me and we ran laps around the soccer field. Brining her was great motivation. I couldn't let my 6 year old daughter kick my butt on the field. She ran cross country at school this year so she is already a superior runner to me but I am determined to keep up. Plus it was alot more fun to run with her than to run on my treadmill. =0) I hope that, weather permitting, I can bring my son on board and the 3 of us can run together. I still think when I run it is ugly, panting and struggling to keep going is not as hot as it sounds. . I have noticed that I get a sharp cramp in my side sometimes, any advice?


Now that the holidays and vacations are over I am keeping a food log to see exactly what I am eating and when. As many of you moms know we don't always eat a meal. It sometimes is the rest of the kids sandwich or the left over mac n cheese in the pot. And sometimes you use a plate but a lot of it is standing up over the sink as you clean up the kitchen. Maybe this is just me. Needless to say it is time for this to change! I think that keeping a true log and making a meal plan for myself will help me to loose that weight I am trying to loose. I am open for suggestions if anyone else has done this.



I am so proud of all the mom's here who are trying to incorporate this new routine in their daily life. I know that we can all do this and I am excited to see all of our progress through the coming months!









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My 1st run in 2009

Posted by dorotajamal Jan 7, 2009

This Tuesday I did the jump from walking to running. I walk to the beach from my house, about 10 mins as my warm up then run at the boardwalk and walk back home to cool down. It's a little tougher to run while pushing the stroller! I found myself a bit out of breath. I was out for about an hour and maybe 10 mins running for now and the rest fast walking. But it did feel good afterwards.


I realize I have a long way to go to my final goal, which is running half or Rock and Roll Marathon on May 31. My biggest challange is to find the time to go out and do the run. Often I feel like I need to choose between catching up on my sleep and going out and exercising; and that is a tough one for me. I think  I'm still adjusting to being new mom and juggling house work and taking care of myself. Any tips from more experienced moms?







Just linking my earlier videos from You Tube:

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The snows are subsiding...

Posted by Tamara2009 Jan 7, 2009

It's been 3 weeks of snow here in the Vancouver area and the rains have finally returned to melt it all away! I managed to stick to at least 2 spin classes a week over the holidays, but I know I've got to start running now. I've got an elliptical trainer at home, but to run I've got to get outside and just do it. I'm so jealous of my teammates who live in a warmer climate!!!


I've decided to do a 'Learn to Run 10K' course which runs over 10 weeks - starts next weekend, and they do 2 additional group runs every week so that's 3 runs a week. I was running in the summer with 2 friends but once the rain started in the fall, we did spinning instead. What I liked about running was that I could see real progress - the amount of time I could run without walking increased every week. So I'm really excited to get started on that program.


Anyone else struggle with their diet? I am a bad evening eater even though I do quite well during the day. I'm trying to keep busy in the evenings so I'm not sitting around and snacking which is my downfall! I'll be checking out our team's online resources as I want to make sure I'm eating a reasonable number of calories to have energy for my workouts but still lose weight.


Happy 2009 everyone!



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To Gym or Not to Gym

Posted by Active_Jess Jan 7, 2009

So, I have a gym membership...I have had one for about 3 years now.  Being an ex-competitive swimmer, I have had a very difficult time getting excited or motivated in any way to use this very expensive pass to workout solely inside.  As a native Californian, nearly 98% of my swimming days have been spent outside.  Hence, the reason that I barely use this thing.


In November of 2008, my husband and I decided to take a look at our expenses and with the recession in effect, we eliminated all of our bills that we considered "waste" or "unnecessary".  When it came down to the line item of the gym membership, I baulked.  I couldn't bear the thought of losing what seems like my only option of having healthy, ME time.  Although I wasn't using it as often as I wanted to, I still cherished the idea that I could slip away from everyone and focus only on me for as little as a half hour.  Faced with losing a pass to my own freedom and the chance to be in an environment filled with others like me, I decide to befriend the gym.  



I found a workout buddy...A really good friend of mine who loves to stay fit and is competitive in the Wildflower Tri held in Northern CA every year was looking for a workout buddy too.  Having a friend to workout with isn't necessary, but it does keep you honest and when you know someone else is counting on you to show up, it does make it easier to get out of bed for those 6am workouts!  We started out on the elliptical and then added in the stair master...aghhhh the bloody stair master.  I have to say, that thing must really work because I am literally soaking wet, drenched in sweat when I am done working out on it.  Was that too much info?  Sorry in advance to those who can pass on those details, but it's true! 



After about 2 weeks of rockin' the machines, we decided to branch out and take a class.  We workout at 24Hr Fitness and they offer a wide variety of classes to choose from.  This is where we met Cindy.  Cindy is a 24Hr instructor who teaches 3 different classes/ 4 days a week at am, as well as the person that we look to in order to get us through our morning workouts. She "spins" us on Mon & Wed and kicks our butt with a combination of weights and cardio on Tues & Thurs.  I love her classes, and I am really beginning to feel great and notice a difference in overall strength. 



One of my favorite things about class is that workouts are always different.  She changes up the music, adds in new skills and changes the order of each skill set.  Another great thing is that it's filled with a bunch of other people just like us, trying to have fun while we push ourselves to achieve our goals.  As an added bonus, you can bring your kids along with you and they get to play in the kids room and get a workout too (monkey see, monkey do). Not only that, we workout for an hour, not the short workouts that we were doing on the elliptical or stair master.  Since we are constantly moving around, our whole bodies are getting a strong workout, not just isolated sections.



Bottom line: If you are fighting yourself on making it to the gym and feel like you are paying through the roof for a program that you aren't using, try a class and see if you like it...You may just surprise yourself like I did.



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Intro video is up!

Posted by Active_Jess Jan 5, 2009

Hello to all - Just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY was able to get my camera working again and have successfully posted my intro video for all of you to see. Here is a quick link to the YouTube page with my video as well as everyone else's videos. It is great to see everyone out there and staying motivated after the holidays.


Now that I am up and running (literally) there will definitely be more to come both on the blog and via video.



Go out there and get Active today -- Jess

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I recenty read a post where Megan stated her plan to make a commitment to her goals. With that ,she posted a picture of her calendar with "Mom Runs" on her run days and the timeof the run. This does a couple things; it makes it real for not only for her but her family too (they need to be on board) and she is MAKING the time. It won't just come to you or just happen. This means it has to be set, arranged, commited to or you know what will happen:0 ...Make this journey a priority and backed by your family and friends support.






Go get um, Ladies!






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