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The first run

Posted by Tamara2009 on Jan 19, 2009 8:26:27 PM

Well, yesterday I started my running clinic and even though I've been spinning and working out on my elliptical the past 3 weeks, that running was hard! I must admit, it was more walking than running but I could feel it in my legs today. We walked 3 minutes and then ran 1 minute - and repeated 10 times. So we were out for 40 minutes and will be out again tomorrow night to do it all again. Even though it sounds simple and not very hard for someone who's run before, it's a great way to start out - I read Jessica's post and could totally understand what she was saying about running - so I like this program because I will see progress and start out at a level I can handle.

Also, I took Nancy's advice and tried not to be so 'good' during the day to avoid snacking at night. I had a great week and kept on track. However, on the weekend we had 2 social events, plus my son's fourth birthday party, so that was a little harder. But I'm back on track this week and feeling good - I find I have a lot more energy in the mornings already, by cutting out evening snacking and working in exercise 3-4 times a week. And I've lost the 3-4 lbs I gained over Christmas

Have a great week!


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