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Fun in the sun

Posted by Tamara2009 on Jan 31, 2009 2:24:27 PM

This week I was off on business to sunny San Diego which was fantastic, given it had snowed here the day before I left! Ah, 20 degrees celcius (I don't know what that is in fahrenheit, sorry!) and it was great. Bummer it was dark by the time I left the office...but there were 2 treadmills in the hotel so I hit one of them for a 45 min walk/run. This morning I did 25 min, so I've managed to walk/run 4 times this week, the most I've managed to fit into one week so far.

Next week Keith my hubby is back to work after taking 3 months parental leave - we get 12 months maternity/paternity in Canada, so I took 9  months and he took 3. It was great for him to bond with the kids more and take care of them, cook, clean, etc. We'll see how the new schedule goes next week, with both of us working - I have a feeling I'm going to need to join a gym to get the workouts in, since Keith won't be home until 7pm in the evenings and it will be too dark to run solo.

Have a great weekend!


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