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Posted by blondmom Feb 28, 2009


I was able to get a good run in on Friday in the beautiful sunshine! The block of my kids school is 2 1/2 miles. I ran the longs sides and walked the short the first time around. The second time around I would run from the tree to the bridge at a faster rate then walk then pick another marker and run to that at a faster speed. It felt really good. I heard that this might help increase my stamina. Today the clouds have rolled in again so I am getting on my treadmill for my run. The sunshine was nice while it lasted!



Hope everyone was able to take advantage of the nice weather!     A new video is up and this time it is upright {o}









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Zone out

Posted by Tamara2009 Feb 27, 2009

Last night I did my run on a treadmill because it was late by the time I started...and one thing I found that helped me was 'zoning out' when it was getting hard. By this I mean just staring at something in front of me, clearing my head of all my thoughts, and just running. I think this might be a technique I learned in maternity labour classes ha ha - just focus on something in front of you and concentrate on working through the pain! Anyway, the running wasn't painful however near the end I didn't want to drop my speed, but it was getting hard, so I just zoned out until the end.

Farel also mentioned adding some music and I like that too. My weekend runs are kind of social because there are a bunch of us running in a group, but sometimes I think I do better when I'm 'antisocial' and just put on the ipod. Hope everyone is having a great week - nearly half way to our Mother's Day run ladies!

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Hi Team,


Often times when we look at where we are in our training progress it can be a realization that maybe we are at the hardest point...the decison to keep pressing on! I have read a lot of posts which highlight your successes and I am thrilled with your consistency and energy so far! The challenges you have expressed (finding the time, aches and pains, the mental aspect) will always be there. Motherhood is a constant. Your energy will ebb and flow, as will your motivation and inspiration. Stay focused on your Baby Steps, some days it's just small steps towards your goal and that's ok. As long as you are moving in the right direction you WILL get there!



Some advice for the 30-35 minute shift:



  • Add stimulation-maybe it's watching a TV show on the treadmill, adding some great kick-butt songs to your playlist, get a running buddy or a motivational book on tape. It's ok to "zone out" a little while getting the time you need on your feet. You may find you get to that 35 min mark faster.


Keep reminding yourself that it is one day at a time...patience and persistence, my friends! (and a good bit of perspiration!)!!


See you on the road






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Hard Day

Posted by Tamara2009 Feb 25, 2009

Last night was our running night and it was tough. I'm not sure why, but I felt that every step was a challenge and had to keep pushing myself to get through it. I guess everyone has days where a workout is hard to get through...yesterday was one of those days! On a happy note, it had rained all day long but suddenly the skies dried up and it didn't rain a drop during our 45 min run. So that made it a lot nicer than it could have been!

Hope you're all having a great week....anyone else have those days when it feels like you've gone backwards and your workout seems so hard?


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a break through.....

Posted by blondmom Feb 24, 2009


Finally I had a break through today and hit 30 min / 2 miles. I kinda feel like I got hit by a bus but I was excited to push myself to do it. The next steps are reaching that goal running outside and reaching the 35 min standard that has been set in my training routine. But all of that I will worry about tomorrow. Today I will bask in the mini glory of 30 min and enjoy my luna bar and gatorade in the sun.












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Posted by blondmom Feb 23, 2009


This weekend I was able to run outside before the storm blew in. It felt good. I had a harder time regulating my breathing outside than inside on the treadmill. I also got a cramp in the arch of my foot. Any suggestions on how to stretch that out? Today I am headed to the gym for my work out. I am a little discouraged that we are up to 35 and I am having a hard time with 30. I don't want to get off track and left behind in the training. I will keep on keepin on until I reach it. Also, someday's I notice that after I run I am wiped out. Any suggestions for food or anything that might help me bounce back? (except a nap because that is not gonna happen =0) )









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My progress thus far...

Posted by Active_Jess Feb 20, 2009


Where am I with my progress thus far?  Well, my success with working out is something that I hold very near and dear to my heart.  I went from swimming almost 3 miles a day while I was pregnant to having an emergency C-Section, something that altered the way that I lived my life for the better half of 6 months, to getting totally out of shape and cutting out all workouts from my daily routine. My involvement with the Bye Bye Baby Weight Team, has allowed me to now be able to be working out 5-6  days a week.  This program has motivated me to get out there and do something all for myself.  I look better, I feel better and I am stronger both mentally and physically. 



My surgery with Nora was very complicated; I pulled several ab muscles during my labor and after being pulled and pushed all over the surgery table, I was left wounded in both body and soul.  Since I was in bed for while after I had Nora, it took a lot longer than I had ever expected to get back out there and join the real world again. Like many moms out there, my body was in different places than it was before I got pregnant.  At least when I was big and pregnant, I was pregnant!  Now, every time I looked I looked in the mirror, I felt unmotivated, as if this was just "part of the process" and looking terrible was to be expected.  Sad, I know.... Well, after several months of still enjoying the foods of pregnancy, I decided it was time for change and that it was time for me to get back in the gym and make my changes happen. 



Today, I am suffering from bronchitis (which I just found out about at this yesterday's doc apt), so outside of a minor set back in my daily routine, I am now able to accomplish the following:


  • Daily workouts at 6am and back home before 7:15pm just before the little one awakes

  • Strength training to cross train in addition to running

  • Sit ups - my abs were cut in half but now I can do over 100 sit ups in one session, and my latest feet is 25 sit ups that require you to sit all the way up to your knees!!!!

  • Went from never running to running fa slow jog for 25 minutes straight - still trying to work up to the 30 minute duration

  • Dropped inches in my waist, my face is slimmer and some of pre-pregnancy clothes are beginning to feel BIG on me


Overall, I just feel like myself again.  I do fall into my sweet tooth cravings once in awhile, but I know what it will take to burn it off and if it means that much to me, I will do it!  I like the way I feel, knowing that I am accomplishing my goals.  My goals weren't designed by anyone else - just me - so I only have myself to let down and I am my biggest critic.  Working out brings good energy back into my life--Not just the physical part, but the mental part too.  I find that my work is benefiting from it too!  When I am out on Sales related calls, my nervous energy before a presentation is now replenished with a calm positive energy from my workout and solid / regular eating habits.  When they say that bringing a workout back into your life is a "life change" it is because the results from one activity really do have an effect on your entire life.



It is so great to see the team doing so well and sticking to what they set out to do and I only hope to support all of them! Cheers' to everyone on the program and good luck to those of you out there reading this for that little extra dish of encouragement.  My wish for you is that it is giving you the proof you need to know that you too can make a difference in your own life. Enjoy the weather out there today and start your weekend off right by getting a little exercise in!



Active Jess



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My successes

Posted by dorotajamal Feb 19, 2009

Two steps forward and one step backward for me. Last week I got

mastitis. That set me off for a week's worth of running. Mainly my

motivation went down and I found myself conserving energy to take care

of the baby. I did made it though to my pilates classes, so my

crosstraining still happened. My other set back is that the more tired

I find myself the more snackish I feel, and for some reason I crave

sweet snacks; not healthy ones. It's rather odd, considering I didn't

have any sugary cravings during pregnancy.


My successes though include:

-increasing running time to 30 minutes and overcoming knee inflammation

pain. It seams most of us had to deal with the knee pain at some point

of the training.

-finding time and motivation to get out there and exercise with my first newborn baby on board.

-starting yoga at home twice a week, in the evenings.


I feel I still have a way to go to get to my pre-pregnancy shape. But I

am on my way... Hey! it took 9 months to get here after all!

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Where I am....

Posted by blondmom Feb 19, 2009





Where am I in my progress? Well, I went from never running to being able to run 25 minutes. I feel good about that! However for some reason the jump from 25 to 30 has been hard. My body is still getting use to it. I have really tried to follow exactly what our training calendar has laid out for us. There have been a few improv workouts along the way. I got some great new running shoes which I am hoping will help me when I am running outside. Some of the obstacles I have faced along the way Have been 1. Just getting motivated to do it. There have been some days where I haven't been able to run during the day and I work at night. I knew when I got home I would need to run,Sometimes this would be 10:00 pm. But when I got on the treadmill and started going I felt good. Although one night I did fall asleep in my running clothes (shoes too) on the couch after running.  2. Overcoming the mental obstacles I seemed to put up in my own way. I would be running and as I neared the end of my time I would hear my inside voice saying "I am tired", "I can't go any further" or " It won't matter if you stop, at least you ran this much". But I have become an skilled at motivating myself past the lazy lady in my head. 3. Cramping. OUCHHHHH! I was getting stomach and side cramps as well as charlie horses in my calves. However I have received some great tips(that I appreciate) and I look forward to overcoming this.



I am enjoying this entire experience. Seeing myself accomplish new things,getting my family involved in this lifestyle change, Reading others blogs and understanding what they are going through, and anticipating the completing of a goal that is for myself!



I hope that you are also enjoying the journey!









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Progress Update

Posted by Tamara2009 Feb 19, 2009

Well, it's been nearly 2 months since we started and things are going well. Overall I'm feeling great, just really busy!


My successes so far:

- fitting in the exercise - sometimes it's 9pm by the time I get to it, but I still fit it in!

- feeling better in my clothes - I've lost another 3 lbs or so in the past few weeks and I can tell in my clothes - a nice reward

- seeing my run time increase and my walk time decrease

- more energy!


My obstacles:

- sore knees after running - ice and Advil are helping

- scheduling now that husband is back to work after parental leave - just less time in the day to get everything done!

- it's birthday season at my house - too much cake Fortunately birthdays are done for a while!


Looking forward to seeing everyone else's successes and obstacles!



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another one bites the dust.....

Posted by blondmom Feb 18, 2009


Hurray for winter weather and the joy it brings, joys such as sick kids who need you every moment. It started with one child then spread through the troops like a wild fire. It was a challange to get in my work outs this week. I actually didn't get to do  all that was planned. I missed some of my cross training. However while the movie was playing  I jumped on the treadmill and did some squats, lunges and ab work. I felt good that I was able to sneak it in even if it wasn't my full work out it was better than staying on the couch and giving up. And as far as feeling uncomfortable, anyone else been woken up at 3 am with charlie horses in their calves? As exciting as it was to be awoken from the dead of sleep, jump out of bed and stretch I would love some advice on avoiding these in the future. (Although the startled look on my husbands face was priceless)



Hope that the cold and flu season doesn't reach you!












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Who Wants to Get Active Contest

Posted by mvalenti Feb 18, 2009

Hey everyone, We are going to spice up the Who Wants to Get Active program with a blogging contest. Starting today we will be monitoring the blogs for volume, inspiration and creativity. The contest runs through March 15 and awards will be handed out for:


  • Most creative blog from Feb 18 to march 15

  • Most inspirational blog from Feb 18 to march 15

  • Most comments on other participants' blogs from Feb 18 to march 15

  • Most blog posts (from start of program to March 15)


Prizes include:


  • A one-hour massage at a place near you

  • $100 to a sporting goods store of their choice

  • A Flip Video Camera

  • And the last one is a surprise!


Be sure to check out the other team blogs and comment on those too as the contest includes all 16 participants from Rookie Runners, First Marathon, Bye Bye Baby Weight and First Tri.


Way to go in your training so far and Keep up the great work!

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Hi Moms!



Will each of you post a blurb about where you are in your training journey, where you feel you have succeeded and where you have met obstacles? Knowing each other's story helps to empower each other...



Be the village









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Fighting off being sick...

Posted by Active_Jess Feb 15, 2009


It is so hard to drag yourself out of the house when you simply don't feel good.  My daughter contracted the worst sickness from all the other kids at daycare when we got back from Florida.  Even though she was battling a 104.8 fever I was doing ok...That was up until Wednesday.  I started to feel bad and then by Friday my voice was gone from coughing all night long, and I think I was at my worst.  Valentine's Day was celebrated by staying in bed for the most part, sleeping.  Because I don't feel well, I feel like I am getting thrown off track.  My lungs are short of breath and every muscle in my body aches. 



Today, I was able to get outside before the downpour started today and walked around breathing fresh air, just to get my legs moving and my blood flowing.  It has been pouring where I live so getting outside for a second really helped.  It is unrealistic to say that you can go get 'em every single and when it is time to rest do it.  I am bummed to have missed a few of my runs over the last few days, but took the time to read up on changing things up a little.  I read an interesting article on improving your 5K speed.  Check it out:



As soon as I can go 5 minutes without coughing, I am going to try the short track workouts. If it is raining, there were also a few treadmill workouts that looked rather interesting and worth trying.  Let me know if any of you are changing up your workout and if you like what you are doing.


Stay Healthy and Enjoy the day off tomorrow



Active Jess



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I saw a blog post asking about good running strollers and I agree with Tamara, the BOB stroller is really the best! It's sturdy, safe, a smooth ride for the kiddos...all around great! I, of course, am partial to the Stroller Strides version but either way, you can't go wrong with this stroller.









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Posted by Tamara2009 Feb 12, 2009

It's been 3 weeks of 'Learn to Run 10K' training class and we're on to 2 1/2 minutes of walking + 2 1/2 minutes of walking x 9 (45 min). Okay, for anyone who has run before, you're probably thinking '2 1/2 minutes? That's easy!' - but when you haven't been much of a runner in your life, every increase in the amount of time you run is progress! We run 3 times a week and by the end (April) we should be able to run at least 3 x 15min intervals. On Tuesday I was on the treadmill and was feeling so good I pushed on to do a couple of longer intervals - 4 and 5 minutes of running. The knees are still achy but I'm finding that a little ice and a couple of Advil do the trick.

Anyway, my point is if I can learn to run, anyone can - the idea is to start out slow and keep increasing. It's motivating to increase the running and decrease the walking over time - it's measurable and you can see your progress.

Have a great week!


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Sometimes in life, you have to "punt"...what does that mean? Well, you plan a birthday party for your daughter and she spikes a fever the day before, you plan a playdate with a friend and your mother-in-law pops in town for a visit, you are taking a Stroller Strides Class and where you planned on doing a exercise, there is a family reunion taking place, you strap your baby into her stroller to head out for a run and she blows out her diaper causing a 20 minute delay in your schedule...what do you do? YOU PUNT! Life is about making the best plans possible with the understanding that stuff happens. This is the most powerful message I can give you when it comes to motherhood and training! Be flexible, be creative, be consistent...As a mom, do you best to plan ahead and then be ready to "punt"!



Keep up the amazing work, Moms!






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Taking it to the streets.......

Posted by blondmom Feb 10, 2009


So as I have said before, running outside is harder for me than running on the treadmill. Which means I need to take to the streets to improve, since I am pretty sure my 5k run is not on a treadmill. We had some (windy) sunshine today so out I went. I tried to do a video which turned out 1. sideways and 2. the wind is pretty loud. This is all a learning process.!!


I did all right. One difference is if you stop running on a treadmill it'll throw you off, if you stop on the street not much happens. So I had to push myself to keep going. My shins were a little sore but I think I just need to get use to hitting the ground which is harder than the treadmill. It was also easier not pushing the stroller.(a rare opportunity) I did notice the sharpness of the cold air and tried pulling my shirt a bit over my mouth as others had suggested, it seemed to help. I will be trying to do at least one run a week outside (weather permitting) Hopefully it'll get easier as I do it more often.



Keep on keeping on!!!









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Strength Training

Posted by Active_Jess Feb 7, 2009


I have been strength training for about 3 1/2 months now.  I have to say, I love it!  I definitely feel stronger and can see the difference in my muscle tone since I began all of this.  lately I have been so thankful for the 100 squats that I do in my 24 SET classes and Lift classes, as they are really helping me out with my running game.  Granted, I am not a strong runner and with my bad knees, I am not gearing up to take first place in my 5K, by any means, but when I hit 20 minutes of what feels like endless strides across town, I am not nearly as sore afterwards and I think I owe this to my complimentary gym workouts.



If you are debating adding weights into your routine, I strongly recommend it.  If you can't afford the gym, make a game out of it with the kids.  You will find that they will wear you out and you will get a workout and quality family time in too...It is a win win for everyone!



Active Jess



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Crazy week

Posted by Tamara2009 Feb 6, 2009

Well, the hubby had his first week back to work after parental leave this was a bit nuts with the new schedule, but I managed to get in three workouts. Sometimes it was late...running on the treadmill at 9:30pm at the local rec center, but at least I got the run in!

Jessica, I hear you about the cold lungs. I run Sunday mornings and a couple of mornings have been pretty chilly, with areas of ice on the roads and sidewalks. One of my running friends suggested putting a scarf or neck tube over your mouth area, so as you breath in it warms the air slightly. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to when it gets cold again. Maybe that will help!

My daughter's first birthday party is tomorrow - can't believe she's one already. We're having a big bash for family so there will be lots of food and cake around...I'll just keep busy as hostess and avoid the cake!

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I read the word of the day challenge and decided I would rise to it.


I am, as I am sure most of you are, a bit uncomfortable. When I raise my arms to pick something up I can feel all the muscles I worked out the day before. When I sat down and my legs were sore, I felt it would be easier to stand all day then to try that again. There are days that I can't get my running in until after I get home from work ( 10:30 or 11:00 at night). I want to cut my time short but my husband is there asking me how much time I have done or have left and cheers me along to help keep me on track. Sometimes I have to be my own cheerleader and tell myself that if I cut it short it will take longer to get where I need to be.



So although when someone says I want you to be uncomfortable it might not sound that appealing, knowing and feeling that you had a great work out does. You are making progress. And that is what it is about. Our daily progress towards our larger goal.



Cheers to feeling uncomfortable!









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Where did the sun go?

Posted by blondmom Feb 6, 2009

Well I am bummed that the sun isn't shinning. I really wanted to run the newest trail I have found. It is next to open fields and vineyards. I really want to get some more outdoor running in. I think one of the reasons running outside is harder for me is because I am pushing a stroller loaded with a wiggly 2 year old,snacks and toys that seem to randomly launch themselves into the street. I can't really complain I guess, I mean it is not like it is snowing. However on days like these I am glad to be able to go to the gym. I am able to get in a good work out while my little one is playing ( and hopefully getting tired out).


Finally my intro video is up and running! (just like me....bad joke but I couldn't resist.)









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Since you all are moms, you are either marinating in the land of "Sesame Street" or you will be soon! This classic show always has a letter of the day and number of the day for the kiddos. I am proposing that we adopt a Word of the Day for this team.


Today's word (and everyday forward) is UNCOMFORTABLE!


"Why" you ask? Because if you stay comfortable throughout your workout/day you will not see the changes you want to see or get to the goals to want to achieve. We must consistently get a little uncomfortable to make these changes.



There's your directive...go get UNCOMFORTABLE Ladies!









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Hi Jess:



First off, congrats for hitting the road in the cold! That's what it is going to take to get to your goal! The suggestions of hot tea or coffee and showers will definitely help. The main trick I have learned from training in the winter in Boulder was wearing a mask or neck warmer which I would put over my mouth as I ran. It's a bit claustrophobic ,however, it may help.



Keep up the great work!






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Cold Lungs

Posted by Active_Jess Feb 2, 2009


It is pretty cold here when I go for my runs in the morning.  Now, I know the difference between sore "cold lungs" and actually having sore lungs from breathing (or dare I say panting) continuous cold breaths of air.  Is there anything that anyone is doing to combat this?  My run yesterday left my lungs not only cold, but very sore- all day!  In fact, I can still feel them and I haven't gone for a run yet?  Any ideas?



I've tried gum to help steady my breath and I love it - that seems to really work, but I have never experienced anything like what I felt with the cold air yesterday.






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