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Fighting off being sick...

Posted by Active_Jess on Feb 15, 2009 6:40:39 PM


It is so hard to drag yourself out of the house when you simply don't feel good.  My daughter contracted the worst sickness from all the other kids at daycare when we got back from Florida.  Even though she was battling a 104.8 fever I was doing ok...That was up until Wednesday.  I started to feel bad and then by Friday my voice was gone from coughing all night long, and I think I was at my worst.  Valentine's Day was celebrated by staying in bed for the most part, sleeping.  Because I don't feel well, I feel like I am getting thrown off track.  My lungs are short of breath and every muscle in my body aches. 



Today, I was able to get outside before the downpour started today and walked around breathing fresh air, just to get my legs moving and my blood flowing.  It has been pouring where I live so getting outside for a second really helped.  It is unrealistic to say that you can go get 'em every single and when it is time to rest do it.  I am bummed to have missed a few of my runs over the last few days, but took the time to read up on changing things up a little.  I read an interesting article on improving your 5K speed.  Check it out:



As soon as I can go 5 minutes without coughing, I am going to try the short track workouts. If it is raining, there were also a few treadmill workouts that looked rather interesting and worth trying.  Let me know if any of you are changing up your workout and if you like what you are doing.


Stay Healthy and Enjoy the day off tomorrow



Active Jess



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