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My progress thus far...

Posted by Active_Jess on Feb 20, 2009 12:09:53 PM


Where am I with my progress thus far?  Well, my success with working out is something that I hold very near and dear to my heart.  I went from swimming almost 3 miles a day while I was pregnant to having an emergency C-Section, something that altered the way that I lived my life for the better half of 6 months, to getting totally out of shape and cutting out all workouts from my daily routine. My involvement with the Bye Bye Baby Weight Team, has allowed me to now be able to be working out 5-6  days a week.  This program has motivated me to get out there and do something all for myself.  I look better, I feel better and I am stronger both mentally and physically. 



My surgery with Nora was very complicated; I pulled several ab muscles during my labor and after being pulled and pushed all over the surgery table, I was left wounded in both body and soul.  Since I was in bed for while after I had Nora, it took a lot longer than I had ever expected to get back out there and join the real world again. Like many moms out there, my body was in different places than it was before I got pregnant.  At least when I was big and pregnant, I was pregnant!  Now, every time I looked I looked in the mirror, I felt unmotivated, as if this was just "part of the process" and looking terrible was to be expected.  Sad, I know.... Well, after several months of still enjoying the foods of pregnancy, I decided it was time for change and that it was time for me to get back in the gym and make my changes happen. 



Today, I am suffering from bronchitis (which I just found out about at this yesterday's doc apt), so outside of a minor set back in my daily routine, I am now able to accomplish the following:


  • Daily workouts at 6am and back home before 7:15pm just before the little one awakes

  • Strength training to cross train in addition to running

  • Sit ups - my abs were cut in half but now I can do over 100 sit ups in one session, and my latest feet is 25 sit ups that require you to sit all the way up to your knees!!!!

  • Went from never running to running fa slow jog for 25 minutes straight - still trying to work up to the 30 minute duration

  • Dropped inches in my waist, my face is slimmer and some of pre-pregnancy clothes are beginning to feel BIG on me


Overall, I just feel like myself again.  I do fall into my sweet tooth cravings once in awhile, but I know what it will take to burn it off and if it means that much to me, I will do it!  I like the way I feel, knowing that I am accomplishing my goals.  My goals weren't designed by anyone else - just me - so I only have myself to let down and I am my biggest critic.  Working out brings good energy back into my life--Not just the physical part, but the mental part too.  I find that my work is benefiting from it too!  When I am out on Sales related calls, my nervous energy before a presentation is now replenished with a calm positive energy from my workout and solid / regular eating habits.  When they say that bringing a workout back into your life is a "life change" it is because the results from one activity really do have an effect on your entire life.



It is so great to see the team doing so well and sticking to what they set out to do and I only hope to support all of them! Cheers' to everyone on the program and good luck to those of you out there reading this for that little extra dish of encouragement.  My wish for you is that it is giving you the proof you need to know that you too can make a difference in your own life. Enjoy the weather out there today and start your weekend off right by getting a little exercise in!



Active Jess



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