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Zone out

Posted by Tamara2009 on Feb 27, 2009 10:43:11 AM

Last night I did my run on a treadmill because it was late by the time I started...and one thing I found that helped me was 'zoning out' when it was getting hard. By this I mean just staring at something in front of me, clearing my head of all my thoughts, and just running. I think this might be a technique I learned in maternity labour classes ha ha - just focus on something in front of you and concentrate on working through the pain! Anyway, the running wasn't painful however near the end I didn't want to drop my speed, but it was getting hard, so I just zoned out until the end.

Farel also mentioned adding some music and I like that too. My weekend runs are kind of social because there are a bunch of us running in a group, but sometimes I think I do better when I'm 'antisocial' and just put on the ipod. Hope everyone is having a great week - nearly half way to our Mother's Day run ladies!

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