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Running with Hailey

Posted by blondmom Mar 31, 2009


Sunday was a beautiful sunny day, a great day for a run outside. My daughter, Hailey has decided to sign up for the kids race (1/2 mile) before my race on Mothers day. So she went out running with me for the first part of my run. She ran a mile and kept a great pace. Good job Hailey! After the 1st mile we  went home and I finished my run on the treadmill. When we came home my son expressed his interest as well and will run with us next weekend.



Yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and packed mary ellen up and off we went to a run a beautiful trail. An added perk that I didn't know about was that the trail had mile markers so I was able to track how far I was running.  I hope that you are all getting to take advantage of the weather a run outside. I should really say jog because I can't call my pace a run, lol.



Keep up the great work Ladies!









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Hi ladies:


Our team member, Dorota, as you have read has had some issues with sleeping and while it would be expected because of our little ones keeping us up, it is almost harder to handle being the reason for not sleeping. We lay there beating ourselves up for not being able to just relax enough to sleep! Dorota, your post reminded me of those times in my life when my body couldn't shut off even though it needed it so badly! Please don't apologize for being out of the loop...just celebrate that you are back on track. These set back happen; it's LIFE : ) We do ourselves an amazing service by recognizing that things will happen, they always do. It's how we "roll" with them that gets us through. We are getting closer and closer to your May race goals. Stay on track with your training and your mindset, ladies. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Keep me/us posted on you and your progress...I just LOVE reading it!



In Stride...Farel



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Tonight I was not looking forward to hitting the treadmill again and fortunately it worked with some friends' schedules to join me running tonight. We hit the roads/trails and did about 6km, I figure. It was so nice to run with them again and made the minutes pass by so much faster! Thanks to DeeDee and Nicky for coming out, and to Sean for the babysitting which helped make it all happen

Hope everyone's having a great week!



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I have been out of training for last couple of weeks and even longer out of blogging. I'm sorry girls.



I was dealing with some insomnia issues. No idea why I was having hard time sleeping. I was a zombie during the day and yet not able to even take a nap. Anyway, I got over it and then it took me some time to get myself back into training. But I am now back on schedule. Matteus is turning 5 months this coming Sunday and he just started sleeping through the night, all the way to 6 or 7 am.  Yuppie! I feel more rested too and more motivated to do my runs.



I have read your posts girls and  it sounds like everyone is training hard. It's very inspiring!









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Posted by blondmom Mar 24, 2009


Today I hit the gym with two of my girls. They played while I hit the cardio and weights. I increased the amount of weight I am lifting, not too much though I definitely do not want to "bulk up" and look like increda mom.( that would be my super hero name) After a great work out we headed over to Jamba Juice and enjoyed our nirvana strawberry drinks, Thanks to Active and the Jamba gift card! I included a pic of them with their Jamba Juice.












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Learning from others....

Posted by blondmom Mar 23, 2009


Last night I did 45 minutes on the treadmill by following what Tamara had posted in her blog, Running 6 minutes then walking 2 . The two minute breaks helped me to catch my breath and bring my body temp down a bit. Thank you Tamara for the info!   I think I will continue this pattern and work on moving my running minutes up and the eventually dropping the walking minutes. I feel better and less like I will be left behind. I just needed something to help me break through and this was very helpful!









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reaching for 40

Posted by blondmom Mar 19, 2009


OK I feel a little behind. Is anyone else running for the full 40 min? I am still inching past 30.The vacation and sick kids has slowed me down a bit. I am trying to get back on track with my running times. The weather has been nice and I am hoping to take advantage of it today and get a run in outside.  I did move my treadmill in front of a window that I throw open so I can enjoy the sunshine when I can' t be in it.



Everyone in the get active challange is doing great!! I love reading about the triumphs they have and the commitment they have is inspiring, although I hope I don't have to do an ice bath anytime soon! Thanks for all the supportive comments through out. I can't wait to read what everyone posts in their next blog. Good luck to all of you!









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As those of you who have been following this blog know, I have had a long struggle with bronchitis over the last month and a half.  After feeling like I just couldn't shake the cold, I made my way to the Doctor and before giving me another antibiotic, they asked that inevitable question that freezes every woman's life for one mili-second.... "Could you be pregnant"?  Despite life's current short term economic status, my husband and I decided that we were committed to having our children 2 years apart from one another.  This was the first month that we began "trying" (repeating... "first month").  Sure enough, when I took the pregnancy test, I found out that I AM PREGNANT!!  I was floored; shocked and simply couldn't believe my ears.  We had tried with our first baby for nearly a year and the second came on the first try?  I didn't even feel like I was symptoms this time at all.  Granted, my first pregnancy was pretty smooth, but this had gone completely unnoticed. I guess not being able to shake the bronchitis for so long was the big indicator that I was ignoring all this time.


We are thrilled, and still a little baffled.  Working out really does affect your interpersonal life too I guess! I am really glad that I lost 12 pounds before I found out that I was pregnant too - that is going to make the end result so much better!!  I also love that I started out my pregnancy on a fitness program.  I will be training for my 5K as planned but am altering this blog post to be more about staying committed to an exercise program while you are expecting and the health benefits that you can reap from its rewards.  I am sure that like me, there are many of you out there who are nervous about continuing a training regime when you are just getting back into fitness, regardless if you are already a parent or not.


First - Always consult your doctor! If you are already working out regularly, you will likely be cleared to continue, but only a health professional can recommend how you proceed.  Everyone's journey is so different and no two babies  are the same. Second, drink more water -- I find that I am drinking twice as much as I am used to during my morning classes at 24Hr Fitness.  I have had to decrease the amount of time that I can run, but I have added a powerwalk to keep up my regime. Since I am out there for about 45 minutes or so now, I bring a power snack, just in case I find myself feeling a little low on blood sugar.  Lastly, I always keep an eye on my heartrate.  For me, it is important for my heartrate not to exceed a certain level. If you know what your limits are, you will be able to continue to work out safely and the rewards will be for both you and baby.


I am hear to help keep you motivated and hopefully continue to be the person that you can relate to if you are reading this and in the same boat.  If you have questions, please chime in as I would love to hear from you as us momma's have to stick together!


Cheers' and go get Active today - I know I will.

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Hey everyone,


Great job with the Who Wants to Get Active program blogging contest!

You all did so well that we decided to have another contest. It will

run from now through April 30. This time you can only win in one

category though--we didn't want Levi snatching them all up again .


Awards will be handed out for:


  • Most blogs from now through April 30

  • Most comments on other participants' blogs from now through April 30

  • Funniest blog post from now through April 30

  • Best true story and blog post about motivating another person to
         Get Active (For example: "i motivated my lazy dad to go running with me
         when he was visiting" or "I forced my kids to go hiking and they had so
         much fun they now beg me to take them!")


Prizes include:


  • $100 to your favorite restaurant

  • $100 to a sporting goods store of your choice

  • A one-hour massage

  • And another surprise!


Be sure to check out the other team blogs and comment on those too as

the contest includes all 16 participants from Team

First Marathon, Rookie Runners, First Triathlon and your own Bye Bye Baby Weight team.


Way to go in your training so far and keep up the great work!



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The real lesson....

Posted by blondmom Mar 17, 2009


Today as I am running on low sleep with a sick little one in my arms, I am learning the true lesson of this experience. Beyond reaching the goal of running a 5k is the goal of changing my lifestyle. It is learning how to balance excercise with the daily demands of life, which sometimes can feel overwhelming. It is learning that fitting in a work out into a busy day is possible and that excuses for why you can't work out just waste time. It might not always be the rigorous work out you had planned for but getting up and doing something is better than sitting down in defeat. I am grateful for this experience and how it has made me look for this balance in my own life. A short blog today so I can fit in my work out before I run out of time.









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Progress Update

Posted by Tamara2009 Mar 15, 2009

Just got home from my Sunday run, and thought it might be a good day for a progress update! I am happy to report I survived today's walk/run - it was 2 min walking/6 min running, 7 times. Total = 56 min. I think that's been the longest one so far.


I'm also happy to say that my knees have improved dramatically and I no longer have soreness after running. Now that I've been doing this a while, I think the body is getting a little more used to it. I am feeling stronger for sure, and have more energy since starting this program. A few people have commented that I've lost weight - I don't think I've lost more than 8lbs since starting the program, but I like to think that the cross training and running is changing my body to look more fit, even if the pounds aren't coming off as quickly as I'd like


Hope everyone's having a great weekend!



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Daylight Savings!

Posted by Tamara2009 Mar 13, 2009

Is anyone else loving the daylight savings time change? It's been great to get home from work and still have time to be outside a bit with the kids. I can't wait until it's a bit lighter at night (and warmer) to run outside - last night I went to the Rec Centre to run and had to wait for a treadmill to be free, and it was already 9pm! Anyway, I managed to get my run in...I was awfully tempted to sit on the couch all night, but dragged myself out to the gym.

We're moving in 3 weeks so it's been tough to find time to work out with trying to pack, going to work, and all the other things life brings. I'm excited about the move though, because I'll be about 3 min from work and could even walk if I wanted to! My current commute takes up about 45 min each way so I'm excited to get that time back every day.

Hope you're all having a great week and finding that time to stay active!



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Back on Track

Posted by blondmom Mar 10, 2009

Ok, so when I left for Disneyland I had all intention of following my work out regiment. I even signed the waiver and had my key activated for the gym. However I was wiped out. We got into the park before it opened ( a perk from our hotel). Can you imagine being in Disneyland at 7am? We walked all over the park. Some of the line areas felt like a small track. Although there were not really any lines you still had to walk through the ropes, much like a mouse in a maze. We didn't want to teach our kids to cut under the ropes so the extra steps were taken. We also had the" My legs are tired"and" Mommy up" syndrome. I felt like I was building muscles while carrying them around. We got back to the room around 1:00pm to go swimming then showered and back to the park till 9:30pm.This left little time to go out and go to the gym.


However today the dirty laundry is sorted, kids are off to school and I am back on the treadmill. Hopefully this won't throw me off track too much. I am looking forward to getting back into my excercise routine.










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I have to agree with the BOB stroller suggestion! Of course, I am partial to the Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller because we took the time to create the special features with BOB that so many moms desired but no other stroller had. BOB is a great company and their strollers are light and very durable. I do completely understand the financial concern. It will be an investment which will last a long time! However, there are other sources, ebay was motioned but I would check out Craigslist, as well.



Hope that helps : )






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The right Stroller

Posted by Active_Jess Mar 9, 2009

So, I have reverted back to walking these days, as I am still fighting off a horrible hacking cough with bronchitis and am headed to the Doc today to make sure that I do not have walking pneumonia. I refuse to not get any exercise so walking has helped me stay mentally motivated even though my body isn't fighting off this terrible cold.


While out over the weekend, I realized that the stroller that I am using to run with Nora with, is really heavy and isn't really equipped for jogging. I have the Quinny Buzz and I LOVE IT, but it does not have a jogging front wheel and I am afraid that I will break the front wheel if I continue to use the Buzz for 3 mile runs, etc. I do not live in the snow so I don't need an aggresive stroller. I'm also looking for something with low financial obligation for a stroller that fits only one child, as I know that I will be having another baby at some point, and will be buying additional strollers then. Does anyone have any suggestions?



Stay Active and Live Healthy - Active Jess



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A day of rest

Posted by blondmom Mar 4, 2009


This week I took an extra day off because I felt so ragged! After that I hit the gym and I have to say - what a difference a day of rest made! I was able to do more and I wasn't completly drained. Sometimes all your body needs is a little rest.:D 



Tomorrow we are heading off to disneyland! I will get my run in before the long ride. Our hotel also has a gym so I will be able to get my workouts in while I am there, not to mention all the extra walking and weights (weights being carried children who climb out of strollers or don't want to stand in line). I am going to be signing up for a 5k in my area that benifits the Matt Garcia Youth Center that is in honor of a friend that died. It is for a great cause and I figured it would be a good practice run to see what I can do and what I need to work on. It is in April so I still have some time to work up to 3 miles.  Getting a little closer each week.



Hope all of you have a great and active weekend!!












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With weather, sickness and motherhood, you all could be derailed a bit. Don't throw in the towel. As long as we take baby steps in the right direction, we WILL get there. Take care of those bodies and let me know if I can help!












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Strength In Numbers

Posted by Active_Jess Mar 1, 2009


Although it is raining and completely miserable where I am today, I have managed to get myself out there and back in the gym while still fighting off the last little bit of bronchitis.  Other than taking it slow and coughing a little bit through my walk run, I would say that it was pretty good. 



Besides the "regulars" that I see in class every morning, I have begun to notice a few people who are getting out there and starting their journey to bring fitness back into their life too.  I have chatted with a few of them while in line to swipe our gym cards and it is so refreshing just knowing that there are a lot of people beginning their journey.  I am a big fan of having strength in numbers and I thought it would be a good time to remind all of you out there that we are here for you when you begin your journey too.



Stay out there and get Active today









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