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The right Stroller

Posted by Active_Jess on Mar 9, 2009 11:23:50 AM

So, I have reverted back to walking these days, as I am still fighting off a horrible hacking cough with bronchitis and am headed to the Doc today to make sure that I do not have walking pneumonia. I refuse to not get any exercise so walking has helped me stay mentally motivated even though my body isn't fighting off this terrible cold.


While out over the weekend, I realized that the stroller that I am using to run with Nora with, is really heavy and isn't really equipped for jogging. I have the Quinny Buzz and I LOVE IT, but it does not have a jogging front wheel and I am afraid that I will break the front wheel if I continue to use the Buzz for 3 mile runs, etc. I do not live in the snow so I don't need an aggresive stroller. I'm also looking for something with low financial obligation for a stroller that fits only one child, as I know that I will be having another baby at some point, and will be buying additional strollers then. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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