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Daylight Savings!

Posted by Tamara2009 on Mar 13, 2009 2:52:26 PM

Is anyone else loving the daylight savings time change? It's been great to get home from work and still have time to be outside a bit with the kids. I can't wait until it's a bit lighter at night (and warmer) to run outside - last night I went to the Rec Centre to run and had to wait for a treadmill to be free, and it was already 9pm! Anyway, I managed to get my run in...I was awfully tempted to sit on the couch all night, but dragged myself out to the gym.

We're moving in 3 weeks so it's been tough to find time to work out with trying to pack, going to work, and all the other things life brings. I'm excited about the move though, because I'll be about 3 min from work and could even walk if I wanted to! My current commute takes up about 45 min each way so I'm excited to get that time back every day.

Hope you're all having a great week and finding that time to stay active!



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