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As those of you who have been following this blog know, I have had a long struggle with bronchitis over the last month and a half.  After feeling like I just couldn't shake the cold, I made my way to the Doctor and before giving me another antibiotic, they asked that inevitable question that freezes every woman's life for one mili-second.... "Could you be pregnant"?  Despite life's current short term economic status, my husband and I decided that we were committed to having our children 2 years apart from one another.  This was the first month that we began "trying" (repeating... "first month").  Sure enough, when I took the pregnancy test, I found out that I AM PREGNANT!!  I was floored; shocked and simply couldn't believe my ears.  We had tried with our first baby for nearly a year and the second came on the first try?  I didn't even feel like I was symptoms this time at all.  Granted, my first pregnancy was pretty smooth, but this had gone completely unnoticed. I guess not being able to shake the bronchitis for so long was the big indicator that I was ignoring all this time.


We are thrilled, and still a little baffled.  Working out really does affect your interpersonal life too I guess! I am really glad that I lost 12 pounds before I found out that I was pregnant too - that is going to make the end result so much better!!  I also love that I started out my pregnancy on a fitness program.  I will be training for my 5K as planned but am altering this blog post to be more about staying committed to an exercise program while you are expecting and the health benefits that you can reap from its rewards.  I am sure that like me, there are many of you out there who are nervous about continuing a training regime when you are just getting back into fitness, regardless if you are already a parent or not.


First - Always consult your doctor! If you are already working out regularly, you will likely be cleared to continue, but only a health professional can recommend how you proceed.  Everyone's journey is so different and no two babies  are the same. Second, drink more water -- I find that I am drinking twice as much as I am used to during my morning classes at 24Hr Fitness.  I have had to decrease the amount of time that I can run, but I have added a powerwalk to keep up my regime. Since I am out there for about 45 minutes or so now, I bring a power snack, just in case I find myself feeling a little low on blood sugar.  Lastly, I always keep an eye on my heartrate.  For me, it is important for my heartrate not to exceed a certain level. If you know what your limits are, you will be able to continue to work out safely and the rewards will be for both you and baby.


I am hear to help keep you motivated and hopefully continue to be the person that you can relate to if you are reading this and in the same boat.  If you have questions, please chime in as I would love to hear from you as us momma's have to stick together!


Cheers' and go get Active today - I know I will.

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