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I'm back...

Posted by dorotajamal on Apr 28, 2009 10:58:15 PM


I have been out of touch again. This time due to traveling schedule. I was making rounds visiting with Family in Edmonton for last 3 weeks. I just got back the other day. My running schedule suffered while  I was  traveling; my routines went out the window and so did my baby boy's routine. Back in town, I'm trying to get Matteus to his regular nap times and night sleep time. We will get there...



Meantime, I'm back to my running schedule. I went out for a run this morning. It was so nice to be back in warm weather. I can appreciate it so much more after my visit in Edmonton. As I was leaving on Sunday, it was cold and snowing heavily. They had to deice the plain before the take off. Kudos to the ladies who run in this type of weather. I admit, I am a wimp when it comes to cold!!!



Cheers to All,






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