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one end starts a new begining...

Posted by blondmom on May 10, 2009 9:39:55 PM


      Today was my Mothers Day 5k run in San Francisco. The weather was unbelievable beautiful with no fog and plenty of sunshine, something I wish I would have known before packing a long sleeve tee to run in. The course wa beautiful. We started in the marina parking lot (where my kids stood holding hand made signs  and my husband video taping and cheering me on) and ran by the yacht club and down to the beach. Running along the beach towards the Golden Gate bridge was better than any of my training runs! There were alot of runners of all abilities (even a few walkers) I was a bit discouraged when I was lapped by a lady pushing a double stroller, but she was a pro I could tell. One thing that I found helpful in retrospect was that I had done a majority of my training runs pushing my daughter in a stroller, getting out there with out her made me feel so much lighter.



I finished my run in 39.50. I found when I rounded the corner headed towards the finish my legs found a reserve of strength and I picked up my pace (or maybe I was so excited to cross my FIRST EVER FINISH LINE)!!  



I have enjoyed this experience and thank all of you for your help and support! I am sad that this has come to an end but am so grateful for what has come from it. I am carrying on my training to do a 10k in july in Santa Cruz. Who would have a runner! Thanks Active!!!









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