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I love seeing posts about how some of you are remaining active through pregnancy! If you have a healthy pregnancy, maintaining your routine is no only "ok", it is recommended. Even running! : )  This is the time for maintenance so stay active. Stroller Strides classes are great for this as the trainers are all pre and postnatal certified. It's super for your kiddos in the strollers to meet new friends, just like you will!



Great job, Moms!






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Hi Moms:


A quick note to both encourage and celebrate you all...this has been an amazing process for all of you! As moms, we all have different stories; some of injury, some of illness, some of elation and bliss, some of bewilderment and all of fatigue! : ) As we get closer to Mother's Day and closer to your events remember this:



There is nobody doing it better than you are right now!

*YOU are true athletes who manage stress and chaos and physical challenges like a pro! *Honor your body and acknowledge both what it has endured through in pregnancy and now taking care of another human being. You are phenomenal and so is your strength!


Go get um, ladies and Happy Mother's Day to ALL of you!









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Hi ladies:


Our team member, Dorota, as you have read has had some issues with sleeping and while it would be expected because of our little ones keeping us up, it is almost harder to handle being the reason for not sleeping. We lay there beating ourselves up for not being able to just relax enough to sleep! Dorota, your post reminded me of those times in my life when my body couldn't shut off even though it needed it so badly! Please don't apologize for being out of the loop...just celebrate that you are back on track. These set back happen; it's LIFE : ) We do ourselves an amazing service by recognizing that things will happen, they always do. It's how we "roll" with them that gets us through. We are getting closer and closer to your May race goals. Stay on track with your training and your mindset, ladies. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Keep me/us posted on you and your progress...I just LOVE reading it!



In Stride...Farel



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I have to agree with the BOB stroller suggestion! Of course, I am partial to the Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller because we took the time to create the special features with BOB that so many moms desired but no other stroller had. BOB is a great company and their strollers are light and very durable. I do completely understand the financial concern. It will be an investment which will last a long time! However, there are other sources, ebay was motioned but I would check out Craigslist, as well.



Hope that helps : )






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With weather, sickness and motherhood, you all could be derailed a bit. Don't throw in the towel. As long as we take baby steps in the right direction, we WILL get there. Take care of those bodies and let me know if I can help!












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Hi Team,


Often times when we look at where we are in our training progress it can be a realization that maybe we are at the hardest point...the decison to keep pressing on! I have read a lot of posts which highlight your successes and I am thrilled with your consistency and energy so far! The challenges you have expressed (finding the time, aches and pains, the mental aspect) will always be there. Motherhood is a constant. Your energy will ebb and flow, as will your motivation and inspiration. Stay focused on your Baby Steps, some days it's just small steps towards your goal and that's ok. As long as you are moving in the right direction you WILL get there!



Some advice for the 30-35 minute shift:



  • Add stimulation-maybe it's watching a TV show on the treadmill, adding some great kick-butt songs to your playlist, get a running buddy or a motivational book on tape. It's ok to "zone out" a little while getting the time you need on your feet. You may find you get to that 35 min mark faster.


Keep reminding yourself that it is one day at a time...patience and persistence, my friends! (and a good bit of perspiration!)!!


See you on the road






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Hi Moms!



Will each of you post a blurb about where you are in your training journey, where you feel you have succeeded and where you have met obstacles? Knowing each other's story helps to empower each other...



Be the village









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I saw a blog post asking about good running strollers and I agree with Tamara, the BOB stroller is really the best! It's sturdy, safe, a smooth ride for the kiddos...all around great! I, of course, am partial to the Stroller Strides version but either way, you can't go wrong with this stroller.









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Sometimes in life, you have to "punt"...what does that mean? Well, you plan a birthday party for your daughter and she spikes a fever the day before, you plan a playdate with a friend and your mother-in-law pops in town for a visit, you are taking a Stroller Strides Class and where you planned on doing a exercise, there is a family reunion taking place, you strap your baby into her stroller to head out for a run and she blows out her diaper causing a 20 minute delay in your schedule...what do you do? YOU PUNT! Life is about making the best plans possible with the understanding that stuff happens. This is the most powerful message I can give you when it comes to motherhood and training! Be flexible, be creative, be consistent...As a mom, do you best to plan ahead and then be ready to "punt"!



Keep up the amazing work, Moms!






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Since you all are moms, you are either marinating in the land of "Sesame Street" or you will be soon! This classic show always has a letter of the day and number of the day for the kiddos. I am proposing that we adopt a Word of the Day for this team.


Today's word (and everyday forward) is UNCOMFORTABLE!


"Why" you ask? Because if you stay comfortable throughout your workout/day you will not see the changes you want to see or get to the goals to want to achieve. We must consistently get a little uncomfortable to make these changes.



There's your directive...go get UNCOMFORTABLE Ladies!









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Hi Jess:



First off, congrats for hitting the road in the cold! That's what it is going to take to get to your goal! The suggestions of hot tea or coffee and showers will definitely help. The main trick I have learned from training in the winter in Boulder was wearing a mask or neck warmer which I would put over my mouth as I ran. It's a bit claustrophobic ,however, it may help.



Keep up the great work!






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That's no SMALL VICTORY!!! You did it and realized how powerful you are...and can be! Congratulations!





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Hi Dorota (and all of you wonderful moms!):


You posted a good and important question, how do I know if the goal I set myself is too lofty? The answer will be different for each of you. The most important question to ask yourself, especially if you are newly postpartum is "Does exercise energize or deplete me"? The end result of your training should be rejuvination (maybe not immediately...but in the long run) To hit the Half Marathon mark by May, you would need to be ramping up in Feb to 2-3 days of 4-5 miles and your long days from 6-7, then in March 2-3 days of 6-7 and your long runs at 8-9. By April, your runs on those 2-3 days should consistently be around 8-9 miles with your long runs between 10-12. Depending on your race day, you would tamper that mileage off a little at a time the last week to a week and a half leading up to race day.



Ask yourself if this seems do-able...maybe start February out with this plan and see how you feel. Again, if 2 hours after you've ran/trained you realized that you are completely wiped out, you went too hard/too soon. This decision to change your end goal doesn't have to be made right now, start the process and have a back up race in mind. Training as a mom is a lot like motherhood in general: Go for your goals with a plan but know that sometimes we have to "punt" and that's ok!!!






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Ok, so I know I have turned some of your stomachs with that subject header but I truly mean it! "Eat That Frog" comes from a quote by Mark Twain who said that if when you wake up in the morning you know you have to eat a frog, eat it right away! The longer you put it off the uglier and bigger that frog gets! So, is your workout YOUR FROG? Just get it done, before you take the time putting it off and building it up to be this insurmountable event. Get it done, enjoy the feeling of pride and sail through the rest of your day with that energy and strength!

*Wake each morning ready to EAT THAT FROG, Ladies! *


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I recenty read a post where Megan stated her plan to make a commitment to her goals. With that ,she posted a picture of her calendar with "Mom Runs" on her run days and the timeof the run. This does a couple things; it makes it real for not only for her but her family too (they need to be on board) and she is MAKING the time. It won't just come to you or just happen. This means it has to be set, arranged, commited to or you know what will happen:0 ...Make this journey a priority and backed by your family and friends support.






Go get um, Ladies!






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