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My run this Sunday went great! I was so lucky that it was overcast for the first hour of my run! The trail running was fun; it combined my love for hiking with running which I almost love. There were few hills to conquer; two of them pretty steep. I run part of the hill and walked a part of it. It was a very different experiance form running on the road. I had to watch out for the rocks and try not to twist my ankle. All went well. As I predicted it took me over an hour to complete. I felt great, and energized for the rest of the day! My husband and my little boy were at the finish line, waiting for me, giving me an extra jolt of energy to make it. I'm really glad I tried something new.



Thank you team Active for all the support and training. You guys made a runner out of me!



My next step will be half marathon.









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My turn has come...

Posted by dorotajamal May 16, 2009


Tomorrow is my race day. It's a 10k trail run in Mission Hills, San Diego. I hope it won't be scorching hot! the summer temperatures have arrived here.



I did my last two 45 minute runs Thursday and Friday. Today I just went for a long walk and took a break from running, trying to save energy for tomorrow. I had a light but filled with carbs dinner tonight and drunk lots of water.  This is as ready as I'm going to be. I'm a little nervous about tomorrow as I did all my training on regular road and not on trails. Additionally, I haven't run entire 10k yet. I am encouraged though that my runs included some hills; one of which was pretty steep. I know that my truck tomorrow includes at least a couple of steep hills. I should be ready for these. I'm hoping to finish the run in 1 hr and 15 mins. I'll let you all know tomorrow.












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I'm back...

Posted by dorotajamal Apr 28, 2009


I have been out of touch again. This time due to traveling schedule. I was making rounds visiting with Family in Edmonton for last 3 weeks. I just got back the other day. My running schedule suffered while  I was  traveling; my routines went out the window and so did my baby boy's routine. Back in town, I'm trying to get Matteus to his regular nap times and night sleep time. We will get there...



Meantime, I'm back to my running schedule. I went out for a run this morning. It was so nice to be back in warm weather. I can appreciate it so much more after my visit in Edmonton. As I was leaving on Sunday, it was cold and snowing heavily. They had to deice the plain before the take off. Kudos to the ladies who run in this type of weather. I admit, I am a wimp when it comes to cold!!!



Cheers to All,






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Running update

Posted by dorotajamal Apr 2, 2009


Everyone is being so supportive. Thank you ladies. As to my training the first couple of times it was rather slow going. I started with 20 min runs first. But now I am back on truck, running 30 to 40 min. I also started running the hills. My race includes a couple of those so I figured I better get on it. I do have hard time keeping up with the schedule of 4 times a week and I often end up running 3 times a week .I let go of the idea that I have to do the training exactly as it was designed and instead be happy with what I accomplish that week. I tell myself that i need to run at least once during the week days a nd once on the weekend. Usually after my first run of the week I end up feeling so good afterwards that I feel inspired to make it happen sooner rather than later and end up putting more runs into the week this way. I guess, this is my little self pep talk.   Additionally, having this break in training helped my knees to recover; I haven't had any knee pain since I started training again!



I did my run this morning already and it felt really good!









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I have been out of training for last couple of weeks and even longer out of blogging. I'm sorry girls.



I was dealing with some insomnia issues. No idea why I was having hard time sleeping. I was a zombie during the day and yet not able to even take a nap. Anyway, I got over it and then it took me some time to get myself back into training. But I am now back on schedule. Matteus is turning 5 months this coming Sunday and he just started sleeping through the night, all the way to 6 or 7 am.  Yuppie! I feel more rested too and more motivated to do my runs.



I have read your posts girls and  it sounds like everyone is training hard. It's very inspiring!









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My successes

Posted by dorotajamal Feb 19, 2009

Two steps forward and one step backward for me. Last week I got

mastitis. That set me off for a week's worth of running. Mainly my

motivation went down and I found myself conserving energy to take care

of the baby. I did made it though to my pilates classes, so my

crosstraining still happened. My other set back is that the more tired

I find myself the more snackish I feel, and for some reason I crave

sweet snacks; not healthy ones. It's rather odd, considering I didn't

have any sugary cravings during pregnancy.


My successes though include:

-increasing running time to 30 minutes and overcoming knee inflammation

pain. It seams most of us had to deal with the knee pain at some point

of the training.

-finding time and motivation to get out there and exercise with my first newborn baby on board.

-starting yoga at home twice a week, in the evenings.


I feel I still have a way to go to get to my pre-pregnancy shape. But I

am on my way... Hey! it took 9 months to get here after all!

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Run Forest, Run....

Posted by dorotajamal Jan 28, 2009

This is how I felt yesterday! I did my 20 min run in the morning. By the way, I like the advice of just getting done with the training first thing in the morning. In my case, it's first thing after I feed, burp, change the baby and pump for his next feeding, which makes it about 11:30 am. Anyhow, so I completed my run and ended up in the town center of Carlsbad where I was going to treat myself to Jamaba Juice and walk at the beach on the way back home. My plans got interrupted with call from my husband that I was supposed to be at home to meet with the couch-repair guy! Oops. Forgot that one! Ended up makeing another 20 min run back home instead. I was lucky the repair-man was nice enough to wait for me and I got my double run for the day. 


Things were going so well that day that I also ended up going to my Pilates class for a good hour and a half. My week is starting up well.




Wishing the rest of the team good results for this week! Let's do it Girls!!!















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Hubby to the rescue!

Posted by dorotajamal Jan 21, 2009


This was one of these days when I was about to run out of time to get out there for the run. So when my husband, Gulam came from work I resorted to asking him for help. Tonight, he put Matteus to sleep while I went for a run without the stroller for a change. 



I had a good 25 min run enjoying the time to be on my own with my own thoughts. I felt rejuvenated and ready to take another semi-sleepless night  on. Thanx Gulam!









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Second guessing my goal

Posted by dorotajamal Jan 19, 2009





OK so I set  a lofty goal for myself for end of May to run half marathon. After a week of running I'm starting to think that this was a bit too ambitious. I can do 15 min run and moving on to 20 min but I still have a long way to go. And there are days, like yesterday, when I got so little sleep that I could not bring myself to go out for a run. I opted for a snooze instead when Matteus took his nap.



Farel, do you think I have enough time to train for it? or should I reconsider my goal. If I stay with it how should I adjust the training to get ready for it?



Also, when I skip a day of planned run what is the best way to make up for it? Should I just run the next day? 






I am so glad to be a part of this program. It definitely challanges me.









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My 1st run in 2009

Posted by dorotajamal Jan 7, 2009

This Tuesday I did the jump from walking to running. I walk to the beach from my house, about 10 mins as my warm up then run at the boardwalk and walk back home to cool down. It's a little tougher to run while pushing the stroller! I found myself a bit out of breath. I was out for about an hour and maybe 10 mins running for now and the rest fast walking. But it did feel good afterwards.


I realize I have a long way to go to my final goal, which is running half or Rock and Roll Marathon on May 31. My biggest challange is to find the time to go out and do the run. Often I feel like I need to choose between catching up on my sleep and going out and exercising; and that is a tough one for me. I think  I'm still adjusting to being new mom and juggling house work and taking care of myself. Any tips from more experienced moms?







Just linking my earlier videos from You Tube:

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Posted by dorotajamal Dec 29, 2008

Hi Everybody. I'm excited to join the Team even though it was quite an effort for me even to start writing. In fact, I banned myself from reading e-mails or even opening the computer for the first few weeks after my baby was born. Matteus is my first child, now 2 months old, born Oct. 29, 2008. I  am crazy in love with my baby boy and at the same time a bit overwhelmed with all the time that it takes to take care of him. 


I was very active before Matteus was born. I worked out all the way through my pregnancy; in fact I was in my pilates class the day before I delivered.  I was taking prenatal yoga classes and i used to work out at the gym. I believe that all of this helped in my speedy delivery; under two hours. I was very relieved but in a state of disbelief. It all happened so fast; I didn't have a chance to get nervous!


Now, I am trying to set a daily routine with Matteus that will give me some time for working out and blogging. I'm finding it very challenging, days go by so fast.  So far I have gone to one pilates class for Moms with babies and I made it a few times to the beach for a run.


Living in Southern California, close to the beach definitely has great advantages. I love the outdoors and the warm weather. I will take hot weather over cold any time. I used to lived in Edmonton, Canada before that. Hiking and backpacking are my favourite activities. 


I'm looking forward to start hiking with my little boy and jog with him in the stroller. My goal for training with Team Bye Bye Baby Weight is to develop structure and routine for exercising, and to be able to run a Half Marathon by Mother's Day. Running doesn't come naturally to me and my longest run so far has been 5K. I loved how it made me feel at the finish line and I am looking forward to pushing myself and raising a bar. 


I look forward to getting your support and the challenging times ahead with my Team.













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