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Who Wants to Get Active: Team Bye Bye Baby Weight

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Hi Moms:


A quick note to both encourage and celebrate you all...this has been an amazing process for all of you! As moms, we all have different stories; some of injury, some of illness, some of elation and bliss, some of bewilderment and all of fatigue! : ) As we get closer to Mother's Day and closer to your events remember this:



There is nobody doing it better than you are right now!

*YOU are true athletes who manage stress and chaos and physical challenges like a pro! *Honor your body and acknowledge both what it has endured through in pregnancy and now taking care of another human being. You are phenomenal and so is your strength!


Go get um, ladies and Happy Mother's Day to ALL of you!









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Hi ladies:


Our team member, Dorota, as you have read has had some issues with sleeping and while it would be expected because of our little ones keeping us up, it is almost harder to handle being the reason for not sleeping. We lay there beating ourselves up for not being able to just relax enough to sleep! Dorota, your post reminded me of those times in my life when my body couldn't shut off even though it needed it so badly! Please don't apologize for being out of the loop...just celebrate that you are back on track. These set back happen; it's LIFE : ) We do ourselves an amazing service by recognizing that things will happen, they always do. It's how we "roll" with them that gets us through. We are getting closer and closer to your May race goals. Stay on track with your training and your mindset, ladies. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Keep me/us posted on you and your progress...I just LOVE reading it!



In Stride...Farel



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I have to agree with the BOB stroller suggestion! Of course, I am partial to the Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller because we took the time to create the special features with BOB that so many moms desired but no other stroller had. BOB is a great company and their strollers are light and very durable. I do completely understand the financial concern. It will be an investment which will last a long time! However, there are other sources, ebay was motioned but I would check out Craigslist, as well.



Hope that helps : )






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Hi Moms!



Will each of you post a blurb about where you are in your training journey, where you feel you have succeeded and where you have met obstacles? Knowing each other's story helps to empower each other...



Be the village









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