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Who Wants to Get Active: Team Bye Bye Baby Weight

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I love seeing posts about how some of you are remaining active through pregnancy! If you have a healthy pregnancy, maintaining your routine is no only "ok", it is recommended. Even running! : )  This is the time for maintenance so stay active. Stroller Strides classes are great for this as the trainers are all pre and postnatal certified. It's super for your kiddos in the strollers to meet new friends, just like you will!



Great job, Moms!






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I saw a blog post asking about good running strollers and I agree with Tamara, the BOB stroller is really the best! It's sturdy, safe, a smooth ride for the kiddos...all around great! I, of course, am partial to the Stroller Strides version but either way, you can't go wrong with this stroller.









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Hi Jess:



First off, congrats for hitting the road in the cold! That's what it is going to take to get to your goal! The suggestions of hot tea or coffee and showers will definitely help. The main trick I have learned from training in the winter in Boulder was wearing a mask or neck warmer which I would put over my mouth as I ran. It's a bit claustrophobic ,however, it may help.



Keep up the great work!






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I recenty read a post where Megan stated her plan to make a commitment to her goals. With that ,she posted a picture of her calendar with "Mom Runs" on her run days and the timeof the run. This does a couple things; it makes it real for not only for her but her family too (they need to be on board) and she is MAKING the time. It won't just come to you or just happen. This means it has to be set, arranged, commited to or you know what will happen:0 ...Make this journey a priority and backed by your family and friends support.






Go get um, Ladies!






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What a phenomenal picture of you and your little bundle! I applaud your resolve to not open emails or get "dialed in" for a little while. It is true that we all want to jump back into life and get our bodies back (so to speak) after we deliver, however, that time in those first few weeks are so special and multi-tasking is just not what you or your baby needs. Your bodies will get back...maybe even better than before, but coming back in a smart way is the key to getting results, changing life styles and staying committed.






Great job!






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