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Who Wants to Get Active: Team Bye Bye Baby Weight

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Hi Team.


Nancy Clark here. I specialize in nutrition for exercise and will be glad to offer a few tips on how to get rid of your baby weight. But first off, congrats to you and your body for creating a wonderful baby!! Your most important job now is to be a healthy mom; weight will take care of itself with a little help. Just as you were pregnant for nine months, you might need nine months to unpregnant.


Your job now is to fuel by day and lose weight by eating just 100 to 200 calories less at night ... smaller dinner portion, fewer snacks. You can simply chip away at the weight and Nature will help you. Weight gain associated with pregnancy tends to be related more to stress-eating and exhaustion than to pregnancy itself.


Be gentle on yourself, enjoy stress-relieving workouts and eat mindfully ... this may not be your season to be as lean as you'd like, but you'll get there.


Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

Author, Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

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Ok, so I know I have turned some of your stomachs with that subject header but I truly mean it! "Eat That Frog" comes from a quote by Mark Twain who said that if when you wake up in the morning you know you have to eat a frog, eat it right away! The longer you put it off the uglier and bigger that frog gets! So, is your workout YOUR FROG? Just get it done, before you take the time putting it off and building it up to be this insurmountable event. Get it done, enjoy the feeling of pride and sail through the rest of your day with that energy and strength!

*Wake each morning ready to EAT THAT FROG, Ladies! *


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What a phenomenal picture of you and your little bundle! I applaud your resolve to not open emails or get "dialed in" for a little while. It is true that we all want to jump back into life and get our bodies back (so to speak) after we deliver, however, that time in those first few weeks are so special and multi-tasking is just not what you or your baby needs. Your bodies will get back...maybe even better than before, but coming back in a smart way is the key to getting results, changing life styles and staying committed.






Great job!






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Well, the first round of festivities have come and gone, and yes, like many of us out there, I enjoyed sweet treats and a little wine.  Time with the family was amazing but this morning it was time to get back in the gym after a few enjoyable days off!  Spin class was at 6am which is a lot easier to get up and out the door for when I haven't been munching on cookies all week    Needless to say, I made it out the door and out to the car (burr it was cold this morning) and once in the gym, I hopped on the saddle.  I forgot....I love spin! 



Sweating out the toxins got me right back on track and I am ready to face the new year with new goals and is not just a resolution this year -- it is a life change. So for all of you out there who want to take the plunge and get back in the saddle, dive in...The hardest part is at the begging and then it is all downhill from there.



I want to be able to interact with everyone on a virtual level, so I am working on a video to post so that you can get to know me a little better and see the changes that I will go through during this program.  I will have it up at the start of the new year for you to view.


Happy New Year to all and remember to go out there and get Active~Jessica



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