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Hi Team.


Nancy Clark here. I specialize in nutrition for exercise and will be glad to offer a few tips on how to get rid of your baby weight. But first off, congrats to you and your body for creating a wonderful baby!! Your most important job now is to be a healthy mom; weight will take care of itself with a little help. Just as you were pregnant for nine months, you might need nine months to unpregnant.


Your job now is to fuel by day and lose weight by eating just 100 to 200 calories less at night ... smaller dinner portion, fewer snacks. You can simply chip away at the weight and Nature will help you. Weight gain associated with pregnancy tends to be related more to stress-eating and exhaustion than to pregnancy itself.


Be gentle on yourself, enjoy stress-relieving workouts and eat mindfully ... this may not be your season to be as lean as you'd like, but you'll get there.


Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

Author, Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

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Another 5K

Posted by Tamara2009 Jul 3, 2009

Last weekend I ran with some coworkers in the Scotiabank 5K race in Vancouver - the course was beautiful, starting on the edge of Stanley Park and following the water along Beach ave. The day was sunny, but not too hot. About half our team ran the 5K, and the other half ran the half marathon.

We raised over $4000 for an organization called Kidsport - they provide financial support to children that would not typically be able to afford to participate in organized sports (

My time was about the same as it was for the 5K on Mother's Day, but I wasn't too surprised as I've only been able to fit in a run about once a week these days. Summer activities, setting up our new house, and working full time with 2 little kids is making it a struggle, but I'm going to need to step it up as my next goal is a 10K in the fall.

Here's a pic of me and my colleague Megan after the 5K on Sunday.



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Thanks Active!

Posted by Tamara2009 May 21, 2009

Just wanted to write a short note to say thanks for the spa gift card, Michelle, Melissa and Giselle! Perhaps I will save it for a spa appt to follow my next run...the thought of a massage at the end will spur me on

Thanks for all the encouragement during this program - it's been great!



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My run this Sunday went great! I was so lucky that it was overcast for the first hour of my run! The trail running was fun; it combined my love for hiking with running which I almost love. There were few hills to conquer; two of them pretty steep. I run part of the hill and walked a part of it. It was a very different experiance form running on the road. I had to watch out for the rocks and try not to twist my ankle. All went well. As I predicted it took me over an hour to complete. I felt great, and energized for the rest of the day! My husband and my little boy were at the finish line, waiting for me, giving me an extra jolt of energy to make it. I'm really glad I tried something new.



Thank you team Active for all the support and training. You guys made a runner out of me!



My next step will be half marathon.









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My turn has come...

Posted by dorotajamal May 16, 2009


Tomorrow is my race day. It's a 10k trail run in Mission Hills, San Diego. I hope it won't be scorching hot! the summer temperatures have arrived here.



I did my last two 45 minute runs Thursday and Friday. Today I just went for a long walk and took a break from running, trying to save energy for tomorrow. I had a light but filled with carbs dinner tonight and drunk lots of water.  This is as ready as I'm going to be. I'm a little nervous about tomorrow as I did all my training on regular road and not on trails. Additionally, I haven't run entire 10k yet. I am encouraged though that my runs included some hills; one of which was pretty steep. I know that my truck tomorrow includes at least a couple of steep hills. I should be ready for these. I'm hoping to finish the run in 1 hr and 15 mins. I'll let you all know tomorrow.












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A great Mother's Day!

Posted by Tamara2009 May 11, 2009

Here's a recap of my Mother's Day run yesterday in Port Moody, BC...


I woke up at 6:30am to the sun peeking out - it was going to be a beautiful day for my first 5K race. Keith and the kids dropped me off at the start area where I met 3 of my friends and we got our bibs, had our last bathroom break, and got warmed up. I felt butterflies - couldn't believe I was nervous! Maybe it was more excitement...anyway, the whistle blew and we were off! There were about 150 of us, mostly women but some men too, some people pushing strollers, and some running with their older kids.


The course was more hilly than I am used to, but it was a nice path for a run. We started in the trees, nice and shaded, for the first 2K. The third kilometre took us along a road near the north side of Burrard Inlet, out in the sun; we looped back at the half-way mark and headed back into the trees towards the finish. I had to walk a couple of times but I wasn't surprised since the most I've run is 15 min at a time - but I just took 1 min walk breaks and then kept running. My family was there to welcome me back, and like Lori I got a sudden burst of energy to sprint towards the finish. I completed at 40:09 which was faster than I had ever done 5K before.


I have signed up for another 5K at the end of June and am looking forward to improving my time. My next goal after that will be to do the 10K Terry Fox run in Port Coquitlam in September. A huge thanks to Active and the sponsors for helping me in this journey, and to the other program participants for the encouragement and motiviation. It really kept me on track! I find it hard to believe I started out running 1 min at a time and now I just ran a 5K - and I liked it! By keeping up with my training, I've had more energy in my day, and lost about 10 lbs in the process.


It's been a great journey and I hope this blog has encouraged other moms to get out there, start slow, and get active!




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      Today was my Mothers Day 5k run in San Francisco. The weather was unbelievable beautiful with no fog and plenty of sunshine, something I wish I would have known before packing a long sleeve tee to run in. The course wa beautiful. We started in the marina parking lot (where my kids stood holding hand made signs  and my husband video taping and cheering me on) and ran by the yacht club and down to the beach. Running along the beach towards the Golden Gate bridge was better than any of my training runs! There were alot of runners of all abilities (even a few walkers) I was a bit discouraged when I was lapped by a lady pushing a double stroller, but she was a pro I could tell. One thing that I found helpful in retrospect was that I had done a majority of my training runs pushing my daughter in a stroller, getting out there with out her made me feel so much lighter.



I finished my run in 39.50. I found when I rounded the corner headed towards the finish my legs found a reserve of strength and I picked up my pace (or maybe I was so excited to cross my FIRST EVER FINISH LINE)!!  



I have enjoyed this experience and thank all of you for your help and support! I am sad that this has come to an end but am so grateful for what has come from it. I am carrying on my training to do a 10k in july in Santa Cruz. Who would have a runner! Thanks Active!!!









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I love seeing posts about how some of you are remaining active through pregnancy! If you have a healthy pregnancy, maintaining your routine is no only "ok", it is recommended. Even running! : )  This is the time for maintenance so stay active. Stroller Strides classes are great for this as the trainers are all pre and postnatal certified. It's super for your kiddos in the strollers to meet new friends, just like you will!



Great job, Moms!






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Hi Moms:


A quick note to both encourage and celebrate you all...this has been an amazing process for all of you! As moms, we all have different stories; some of injury, some of illness, some of elation and bliss, some of bewilderment and all of fatigue! : ) As we get closer to Mother's Day and closer to your events remember this:



There is nobody doing it better than you are right now!

*YOU are true athletes who manage stress and chaos and physical challenges like a pro! *Honor your body and acknowledge both what it has endured through in pregnancy and now taking care of another human being. You are phenomenal and so is your strength!


Go get um, ladies and Happy Mother's Day to ALL of you!









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So today was my 5K.  Before I get too deep in the details, let me set the stage:






Last night my 20 month old daughter began throwing up at 7:30pm.  This lasted until about 10:30pm when she finally was too exhausted to do anything else, except fall asleep to the Velveteen Rabbit - a family favorite.  With the swine flu epidemic (oh, I am sorry - Influenza A H1N1) closing down 4 schools in my town this week, you can only imagine what my mind was thinking.  After a restless night and several trips to the bathroom (I am nearly 5 months pregnant now), I woke up at 6:15 to a yucky raining, windy day - YUCK!  Did I really have to go out there for 3 miles.  When it rains, I go to the gym to get exercise so having to do my event in the rain wasn't exactly how I had this whole thing planned out. 







After fighting off the bliss of leaving a warm bed and a snuggly husband, I made it out of the house, water bottle in hand and ready to accomplish my goal.  I got to the race on time, with plenty of space to park and time to grab a decaf cappuccino.  Yum...
















With 15 minutes still left to stretch, I made my way to the start and chatted with other participants there.  For many it was a first 5K or the tenth 10K for others (inspiring to say the least).  It seemed like in a flash the turnout went from dismal to completely packed by race start.  




















Since I knew I wasn't racing and instead simply a participant, I decided to keep to the back and begin my race once the true athletes had their turn. I was surrounded by hundreds of people who were supporters of the cause, happy to be walking or running in the rain knowing that they were getting exercise AND helping to raise thousands of dollars for the Children's Hospital.  Since my partner (my daughter) was out with the flu, I decided to keep to myself, turn up the ipod and get a good pace going.  It is funny, becuase emotionally I went from not really wanting to be out in the rain, pregnant and cold knowing my daughter was home with the flu; to absolutely loving the moment, happy that I was making the trek and proud of myself for sticking to my goal. 







I ended up having so much fun.  I ran when I could and walked when I needed to get my heart rate back to below 140 bpm.  It is hard to make yourself  slowdown when you are on a roll, but Doc said that I need to stay below 140 so I did my best   Needless to say, I finished the race in under 43 minutes, so I accomplished my goal.  Overall, the program was so much fun and I was thrilled to be a part of it all.  Even with the surprise of getting pregnant -- all in all -- this was an experience that will definitely transpire throughout my life as well as in the coming months, as I hope reading our blog's will also help motivate you!  Good luck to everyone in their upcoming events, I wish you nothing but success.



Before you leave the post - I do have additional photos that I am trying to get into this post, but for some reason, I am not able to select them.  IT is working on it, but for now if you want to see them, please click on the images below (attached).















Cheers' to all and go get em' - signing off - Active_Jess







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Beautiful Day

Posted by Tamara2009 Apr 29, 2009

I went for a run yesterday with a co-worker around Deer Lake in Burnaby; it was a beautiful place to run and right across the road from the office. The ducks were out, the turtles were sunning themselves on a log, and everything was so green. I should have taken a picture to put in my blog! I find that it is so much more enjoyable running in a beautiful natural setting vs. running on the neighborhood street or on a treadmill - thank goodness winter is over!

Hope everyone's having a great week and having great weather to run in!



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I'm back...

Posted by dorotajamal Apr 28, 2009


I have been out of touch again. This time due to traveling schedule. I was making rounds visiting with Family in Edmonton for last 3 weeks. I just got back the other day. My running schedule suffered while  I was  traveling; my routines went out the window and so did my baby boy's routine. Back in town, I'm trying to get Matteus to his regular nap times and night sleep time. We will get there...



Meantime, I'm back to my running schedule. I went out for a run this morning. It was so nice to be back in warm weather. I can appreciate it so much more after my visit in Edmonton. As I was leaving on Sunday, it was cold and snowing heavily. They had to deice the plain before the take off. Kudos to the ladies who run in this type of weather. I admit, I am a wimp when it comes to cold!!!



Cheers to All,






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The final count down...

Posted by blondmom Apr 27, 2009

WOW! I can not believe how fast the time has gone by! I will be doing my race in just 2 weeks. I am getting excited and nervous. I am excited for the race to begin but nervous because I really want to do well. This has been so great. I have really taken a liking to running and the thought of doing more runs in the future is an exciting prospect. I have lost weight and gotten more toned. The best part is feeling great!! I love the way I feel after a good run and I can feel my legs getting antsy when I miss a work out...a good sign to me. {v}


I am really going to be pushing myself until friday before the race. Then I will rest up saturday and be ready to go on mothers day! It is a great Mothers day gift to myself. Being a mom you often( more like always) put yourself at the end of the line. By the time I get around to doing something for myself I no longer have the time or the energy. This experience has made me take the needed time to do something for myself to make me feel better. In the end it makes me a better mom because I feel refreshed and vented of the stress that gets piled on daily. It has taught me that life will still have out of control weeks where we won't know which way is up but trying to get that time in for fitness on a regular basis is so important! Not only for my health but often for my sanity. LOL!



Keep up the great work we are almost there!!






!! Lori



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Preparation for the 5K

Posted by Tamara2009 Apr 27, 2009

Hey girls, what are you all doing to prep for the big race day, now that we are less than 2 weeks away?


I haven't been running much the past 2 weeks so I'm coming up with a strict schedule for the next 13 days to make sure I'm getting my runs in. I'm also going to time myself to see how much time I'll need on race day. I have a couple of friends joining me on the Mother's Day 5K so we're also planning to run the course before the big day, so we know what to expect.


What's everyone else doing?

Hope you're having a great Monday!



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Pregnant Training

Posted by Active_Jess Apr 23, 2009


Well ladies - I see that all of you are doing FABULOUS and I am so proud of all of you! Pregnancy has been treating me well have been walking a lot - not running as much as I had previously thought that I would.  I am getting really excited for my event -- my daughter will be with me with stroller in tow.  I have had lots of support from friends and family in my area and have started a group of waling buddies with pregnant people I know. 


I have been working and traveling a ton over the last few weeks, so I apologize for not checking in sooner.  It seems as though that by the time I am done with meetings, all I can do is think about eating and then going straight to bed.  I must say that by the end of a long work day (which is everyday), I am definitely tired and ready to close the computer and crawl into bed.  Now that my travel has mellowed out for the next two weeks or so, I will definitely be writing more



Cheers' to everyone's continued success!

Active Jess



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