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Hi everyone. I'm Jess, the lone Colorado trainee for the SDRNR Marathon with Active and the " Who wants to get active" program. I really couldnt be more excited, running is not a storng suit, or really any kind of suit for me so I'm excited to expand myself to include that.



So about me -  I am 24, I live in Longmont, CO with my boyfriend and our 2 dogs - Zeus (alaskan malamute) and Dublin (anatolian shepherd mix). I keep busy with work, during the day for RegOnline in Boulder as an account manager and some evenings for Chilis as a bartender/waitress becuase lets face it, who couldnt use some extra cash?? (i have my ey on a new pair of running shoes too Obviously becuase I keep busy its hard to fit in a workout but keeping on the run helps. I recently had my tonsils removed after years of being sick and after 3 weeks of just being confined to a house i found myself just wnting to get out with my iPod and run.



I'm doing this program because there is something inside of me that knows I can achieve more. I have always been envious of runners, since I was a little overweight kid in 2nd grade watching everyone run and being winded and walking myself. In high school, having to run the mile for your fitness test, and not being able to do it - having to walk while everyone else was done is and was embarassing. I tried to do this last year and I didnt have the tools, but I was on the right track, I ran my first 10k, which was painful but I still finished in under my self estimated time of 90 mins. I am really looking forward to going this journey with someone else - having someone to cheer me on and someone to kick my butt when I feel like just eating pizza instead, even if I am in Colorado and butt kicking is done over the computer on the blog.






I look forward to some fun stories and an awesome journey.






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