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6 Miles!

Posted by ActiveLevi1 on Jan 26, 2009 10:41:47 AM



















This last weekend I ran 6 miles!!!!!! That is the furthest distance I have run yet! I was supposed to do the run Saturday but I found it really hard to get motivated. I was a little under the weather and it was rainy outside. I used that as my rest day instead.










Yesterday I felt much better! It was still pretty cool outside (for San Diego) and that felt great as I was running. There are so many hills in San Diego, especially near my apartment, that I feel like I am getting an unfair advantage. Since the race that I am training for is here in San Diego, I actually get to train on part of the course  :D! So far I am happy with the way training is going and I think I am on track to complete my first marathon!!!! 



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