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Finally starting to feel it

Posted by Jess Leberer on Feb 9, 2009 12:08:43 PM


While I havent gotten to the "I love running, I want to keep running" part yet, I really am starting to love this program and starting to feel good about it. I am running on a treadmill in the gym still, havent made it outside yet but I am looking forward to the warmer temps to come in Colorado soon. I apologize for not blooging much lately but my computer had a total meltdown and I have to go into the office to post now.



I definitely feel like my plan change has helped me, I was feeling really frustrated when I couldnt just run but now that Im being told its ok to interchange walking and running, I dont feel so discouraged.



I've also made some dietary changes which I think are going to help a lot. My boyfriend and I are notorious for going out to eat, and notorious for ordering in, so we've made the conscious change to not do that more than 1 time a week. Myself, I work for Chilis in the evenings and working around such delicious food is hard but they have an amazing low cal menu that is really satisfying and high in what I need to be able to go for a run when I get home.



I am looking really forward to seeing my body change, and seeing my attitude change more from "this is hard" to " I can undoubtedly do this"






I know that you all have it in you and it sounds like everyone is doing great, I think you all need to come to CO and kick my butt with some hard runs! 






Talk to you soon






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