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Adding 2 miles was harder than I expected!

Posted by danderman on Mar 17, 2009 2:21:38 PM

Last weekend I ran (jogged really) 8 miles. OMG, that extra 2 miles were tough - and they were still all flat!! I loaded lots of new songs on my IPOD and took off. By the last 1/4 (the extra 2 miles), I really was tired and had to do a couple of longer walking breaks. As I was trying to keep running, I felt like crying. Not because of pain (although I did get my first blister on my big toe) but just the emotion of pushing when my body wanted to stop.


When I'm finished the long runs, I'm tired (and this time a little nauseous) but not dead and I have yet to be sore beyond the actual muscle fatique while I'm running. Does that mean I'm not working hard enough? After this weekends long run I took ibuprofen, and again soaked in a really cold tub and ate yogurt. I was totally fine the next day.



Should I be doing hills on my shorter runs? Big hills, gentle slopes, both, or what?? I know that the marathon will have hills and if I run on all flat surfaces, it will be much more difficult to finish. Any thoughts on this Jenny?



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