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Just the tip of the iceberg!

Posted by ActiveLevi1 on Apr 9, 2009 1:49:46 PM

Hello everyone,




I am sorry that you have not heard from me in a while. I have been really bummed out about my injury and have been feeling depressed  !!. I have been working with a physical trainer, an acupuncturist, and a chiropractor to try and heal as quickly as possible. The problem was that when I first had injured myself after the 14 mile run, I should have talked to a doctor then. Instead I waited until I thought I was better and then injured myself even worse! I have about another 2 weeks of PT before I can begin training again.


Well this Sunday is race day and even though I doubt I will be able to complete the race, I am still going to attend and give as much support to my teammate and fellow coworkers as I can. I am going to attempt to walk the marathon and have a good feeling about it but don't want to get my hopes up too high! 


This has been an amazing experience for me and such a huge part of my life! I am so very glad and thankful for for everything they have done! Thank you so much for providing this unique opportunity for me to enrich my life and to achieve one of my highest goals!!!! Everything you have supplied from the training programs, to coach Jenny, to all of the awesome prizes and wonderful stories of encouragement and inspiration have made such a  huge impact on my life! I feel like I do not have the words to thank you enough!


From getting off the couch last year and competing in my first event, to training for my first marathon, I know that this is something I really enjoy doing and competing in events is going to be a major part of my life going forward. I have so many aspirations and dreams  and this has been a huge stepping stone for me. Even though I may not cross that finish line, I have proven to myself that I do have what it takes to achieve my dreams. I have many more events planned for this year and this was simply just the tip of the iceberg!!!!!!!!!


Please check back regulary as I will continue to blog on my efforts of eventually becoming an Ironman and will have a video soon of the race day excitement!!!!!!!...........(Thanks again for the awesome camera!)

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