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You guys have all been awesome and encouraging! Thank you so much becuase Ive been feeling really down about this! So since it is official that I will not be able to run the marathon, I am going to keep blogging about my rehabbing and getting back on the horse.



I have been seeing the most wonderful doctor ever, Dr. Saint-Phard, shes a former olympian and professor at the University of Colorado and works with their Runners as well as other teams. (if anyone is in Colorado and looking for a great sports med doc, this is it!) So Ive been on some meds to help out with the pain and to help me sleep and we kind of came up with a way that I can still get some exericise only its in the form of swimming and doing the eliptical for a while. All of this makes me wonder if I am a runner, maybe I am a swimmer instead We'll see!



Today I start physical therapy, and I start in some pain. I got a cortisone shot in my bursa yesterday and man I wasnt expecting it. I know it will make me feel better but the process of getting everything in and doing it with the ultra sound was long and painful and left me with some bruising and major tenderness, my boyfriend nearly had to carry me up the stairs. back to therapy, I have never been, but I am really hoping they give me some great tools to use at home and help get me back to normal though after having raging bursitis for a year and having it for 3 years all togehter not having it might be weird.



I'll keep everyone updated on progress and I am still going to be cheering you on, think of me as the designated cheerleader though I wont be wearing any short skirts or have pom poms! Im going to see if I can make the flight to SD for the race but its going to be a touch and go thing with the healing. I hope that you all are doing well and bouncing back and I know that you all can do this, its a rough road with lots of bumps but to get to the final stretch in tact is amazing. GO FOR IT AND KICK BUTT!









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