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Holiday binge

Posted by danger prone on Dec 17, 2008 4:27:20 PM

Mike's latest post was music to my ears. Well, not really music because he's writing and not singing. But I was happy to hear, I'm not the only one out there trying to come up with ways to deflect the barrage of treats coming my way.


I do have a few tips that might help. I came up with some of these after I returned from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. My metabolism was burning through food for about two weeks after I finished. My appetite however, was enormous for more than a month. Big problem.


I discovered if I cooked meals for myself, I ate less than if I went to a restaurant. Secondly, I ate tons of small meals throughout the day. Plain yogurt with berries for breakfast, and then about every hour to two hours I would have one of the following: fruit, some carrots, a tiny handful of nuts, some more fruit, maybe some saltines. For lunch, I grabbed fresh spinach, sprouts, tomatoes, a little avocado, cheese, red onions, mustard and threw it into a whole wheat pita or onto some wheat bread. My dinners were never tiny. But I was never famished, so I ate less.


As far as alcohol goes .... avoid egg nog and other creamy alcoholic drinks as well any mixed drinks with soda. A lot of people like to mix vodka with tonic. But tonic can contain 90 calories in an 8 ounce serving. There's always light beer. My husband likes the Michelob Ultra.. I typically drink wine, which isn't necessarily low calorie. But when you compare it to a White Russian, it is.


Finally, I try, try, try to follow this advice. When in training, drink the first, sip the second and refuse the third.



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