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Over the Hump

Posted by MikeDiesel on Dec 26, 2008 9:30:02 AM

Now that Christmas is officially over, I consider myself over the hump as far as the Holidays go. I used a bunch of Kristen's input on ways to get around gorging myself at the dinner table. I was already on a pretty good meal program before the holidays by eating 5-7 times a day in 2-3 hour intervals. I just made sure to stick to it and not save room for the feast. A couple of glasses of red wine was about all the drinking I did and that was a huge help too.


As far as training goes, I have just been getting myself accustom to the Active Trainer Base Training program. This tool has been really helpful in keeping me on track in getting ready for the tri. The only day I have missed so far was Christmas day. I was supposed to do 600 meters of swimming, but the holiday and the fact that I was super sore from my first swim on Tuesday put a cramp in my plans.



Today I am set for a run/jog/walk. I'll see what happens when I get out their. Until next week...



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