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Swimming is not as easy as it looks

Posted by stesaunde on Jan 5, 2009 1:08:55 PM


So I went swimming at Chinquapin (Alexandria, VA) a couple of days before Christmas and after a couple of failed attempts at swimming a full lap I realized it was going to be a little harder then everyone else there was making it look.  I was in the pool for maybe an hour and a half and the longest I made it without stopping was two-thirds of a pool length.  A girl a couple of lanes over told me my timing looked fine I just needed goggles but I think she was being overly positive which I greatly appreciated:)  Well, I revised my Christmas list and one of my brothers picked me out a pair of goggles that is sure to make me look like a yuppie wannabe - but at least my eyes won't be bloodshot for hours afterwards.  The practice was helpful and I actually was getting my mouth out of the water on alternating sides at the right times - as soon as I can overcome my fear of sucking in water and actually breathe in air it'll be great. 



I went biking once as well with my sister and one of our brothers accompanied us on roller blades.  It was a token ride around the neighborhood puncuated with short sprints to keep my brother from skitching a ride - we actually spent more time fixing the bikes beforehand then riding them though.  Come to think of it, having to pull my brother was probably a lot better exercise ...



I never went running for the sake of running but I did help out on the early morning paper route a bunch of times which involved running a wing including the stairwell of 3 apartment buildings, 17 stories each.  Ok so the last one only has 14 stories.  I also participated in an all day nerf war for New Years.  We went to our friends house in Pennsylvania and they had even more nerf dart  guns than last year - everyone had at least a semi-automatic and some had automatics - there was even a huge gatlin gun looking one with plastic shells that would fall to the ground after the nerf darts shot out of them. We played 6 on 6 capture the flag indoors over two floors and it was so much fun (the middle of their upstairs is an open hallway with only banisters separating it from the main floor).  It had to be good exercise - I was sweating big time.  



Obviously, the closest I got to starting the training schedule was that one stab at swimming.  I can't even take credit for the bike ride as that was totally my sister's idea.  Let's just say that vacation at home in Virginia is not a good time for me to start an exercise program.  I can't use the weather as an excuse though - it was wonderful.  Which reminds me - I also went on a walk around the neighborhood with my Mom which included returns at Pentagon City Mall.  I also enjoyed a trip to the Library of Conrgress to do some research with a couple of my brothers and walking between the Madison and the Jefferson buildings underground has got to count for something.



I may have procrastinated starting the training program until today but Javier and I did get in some good running three days a week for the two weeks before I left town and I'll play basketball tonight after we run. I had a great time at home for the holidays and I'm rested and ready to work hard and get into shape.  






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