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Starting to Understand

Posted by MikeDiesel Jan 6, 2009

Now that I have gotten accustom to the base training program, I am starting to recover a lot faster than I was before and am realizing why the work out schedule is planned how it is.


I pretty much consider day 1 of the schedule the longer Saturday run. I'm still not really looking forward to doing this every Saturday yet, but it does help out a lot to have a full day of rest before taking off on a run/walk/run/walk for an hour or more. This also gives me a full week of recovery before I am expected to put in this big of effort into running again.



On day 2, the 1 hour plus bike ride is a walk in the park and I just cruise it at low intensity. This helps losen all the muscles in my legs back up from the precvious day's activity.



The third day is also pretty relaxing with an easy warm up run or a few minutes on the eliptical. This doesn't really increase the level of soreness in my body, but helps me get accustom to the run even more. After that, the streng and core training I have been doing is making a noticeable difference in my recovery times.



The swim on day 4 is my more promising day in the pool as all the muscles I use for this portion are well rested and I have a pretty postive attitude going into it. Also, I don't have to put as much effort into the different parts of my legs that I used for running. At least that's what I keep telling myself.



Day 5 has got to be my easiest work out day. This is almost like a wind down coming into the latter part of the week. The warm up bike ride is pretty simple and fun since I pretty much take it easy riding to the gym or around the neighborhood. Strength and core training has also been fairly easy and I am just working on making sure to follow Gale's list of excercises to do.



On the final day, I am not looking forward to the swim, but realize all I have to do is get through this last day and I can finally enjoy a day of rest and that pushes me to finish.



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