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Glad to see several of you posting about your experiences getting rolling on the training program. It's great that we have a group training for tri with diverse backgrounds. There are other people out there just like you. They will get inspiration from reading your blogs.


Mike - You are right-on about the structure of the training plan. The plan is indeed structured so you can be rested for key workouts. You are also discovering a cool thing about the human body and that is it adapts to stress with rest. You're recovering faster and in just a few weeks you'll easily be doing things that today you'd deem "hard". Nice!


Steve and Javier - The buddy-approach to training is a huge advantage for you. Not only do you have the support of the Active team, you have someone right there.


Thanks, Steve, for reminding people it is more comfortable to swim with goggles. You're right, it will be much more comfortable with the goggles. Keep us posted on fit and comfort of the ones you selected. The nerf war looks like it was really fun...



For swimming technique and breathing timing, it might be most expedient for you to ask the local pool if any of their instructors provide private swim lessons. Just one or two private lessons can help you minimize the energy you expend swimming. If both of you go together for a private lesson, you can remind each other of the tips the instructor gives.



Javier, clothing selection is entirely personal. We can talk about that more as the program gets rolling, but there is a wide variety of style from flashy to very modest. In the end, it's about comfort wearing the gear that makes you feel confident.



Maybe Giselle and Kirsten will give us an update soon.



Here is a thought for the day from the courage section:



Progress involves risks. You can't steal second and keep your foot on first. - Frederick Wilcox.






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