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Goggles Rule!

Posted by stesaunde on Jan 13, 2009 12:26:51 PM

That girl was not kidding - goggles do make a difference.  Last week was the first time I've ever tried them and I'm loving the results.  Now if I could just get an air tank on my back I think I'd be able to start training.  No offense, but I'm having trouble swimming the length of the pool and now my lap count just went from 10 to 16.  I seriously need to learn how to breathe.  Call me crazy but I run out of energy really fast when I don't have any air in my lungs.  I find myself breathing a lot harder after swimming then biking - in fact, swimming is right up there with sprinting at the end of a run when it comes to how hard it makes me breathe.  Since when was swimming supposed to wear you out so much?  I seriously think it's just me - everyone else in the pool looks just fine.  Speaking of which, are you supposed to start breathing in when there's still water around your mouth - you know what I mean - when you stick your head out do you wait for the water to drip off your face before you open your mouth and breathe in or do you somehow breathe in a way that avoids whatever water might be splashing around?  Also, how strong do you breathe in - a full breath like when you're running or a partial or  quick breath?  Also, how do you breathe out - I've been practicing pushing it out my nose but sometimes I wonder if I'm pushing the air out before I used it or if I push too much out too fast.  On the other hand, sometimes I don't push out enough and I go to breathe again and I feel like I can't because I didn't exhale.  Yes, what I'm saying is I don't know how to breathe and it's embarrassing:)  Anyway, any suggestions would be helpful - thanks.

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