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Iced Out

Posted by MikeDiesel on Jan 17, 2009 6:39:13 PM

Typically when you say, "Iced out," you are talking about something that has a bunch of diamonds or shiny things on it. Well, one of my buddies that I train with promised we that getting Iced Out was the only way to go when trying to recover from soreness in my legs after running and swimming. So, after explaining to me that he meant making a bath with 60lbs of ice it did not seem near as appealing. Against my better judgement, I went for it and took the ice bath. I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off after getting my lower body fully submerged, but 10 minutes later I came out feeling like a million bucks. An extremely cold million bucks with a signifigant amount of shrinkage ;\.


Just to prove I actually did it for all those doubters, heres a pic right after I hopped in. This was before everything started burning and I could still pull off a face that looked like I was excited to be doing this.









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