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Three good things

Posted by danger prone Jan 26, 2009


Gale thanks for the post about the rules and regulations. Very helpful.



Last week Gale asked us to talk about three positive things about our training. I had just returned from a ski vacation at the time, so I figured I would wait until I could reflect on a full week of training.



1.) Completing a half-marathon. OK, so this wasn't part of the training program and looking back, I'm lucky I didn't hurt myself. It was a major confidence booster, however, so maybe the risk was worth it afterall. I know I can run 13 miles. I know I can be out there having fun for more than two hours. Priceless in my eyes.



2.) Learning a new virtue: patience. I was patient enough to allow for proper recovery from my half-marathon. Patience isn't always my strong point. This was a big step forward for me. I forced myself to take a few days off and it made all the difference.



3.) Clipless pedals don't scare me. I am slowly gaining confidence on my bike and clipless pedals. I no longer feel as if I am locked into a speeding death trap. And that's a good thing. No more falls either!



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Positive Things

Posted by MikeDiesel Jan 26, 2009


After some technical difficulties while trying to blog last week, I am back up. So, here are my list of postive things from the past week.



-- Went to Road Runner Sports in San Diego and got fitted for the correct running shoes and some custom in soles. This in itself is a huge blessing and has made way more of an impact on my running than I ever imagined.



-- I completed the swimming plan in full, which I had not done yet. I also spent some time with a friend that swims a lot and figured out some of the holes in my swim game (my kick was terrible and I was shown the proper way to try and breath)



-- I tuned my bike up and it is riding like new again. Once that was done, I went and did an easy 40 mile ride through the wine country in Temecula. That was awesome!



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