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Three good things

Posted by danger prone on Jan 26, 2009 3:40:28 PM


Gale thanks for the post about the rules and regulations. Very helpful.



Last week Gale asked us to talk about three positive things about our training. I had just returned from a ski vacation at the time, so I figured I would wait until I could reflect on a full week of training.



1.) Completing a half-marathon. OK, so this wasn't part of the training program and looking back, I'm lucky I didn't hurt myself. It was a major confidence booster, however, so maybe the risk was worth it afterall. I know I can run 13 miles. I know I can be out there having fun for more than two hours. Priceless in my eyes.



2.) Learning a new virtue: patience. I was patient enough to allow for proper recovery from my half-marathon. Patience isn't always my strong point. This was a big step forward for me. I forced myself to take a few days off and it made all the difference.



3.) Clipless pedals don't scare me. I am slowly gaining confidence on my bike and clipless pedals. I no longer feel as if I am locked into a speeding death trap. And that's a good thing. No more falls either!



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