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Winding down

Posted by danger prone on Feb 2, 2009 6:25:20 PM


I was checking out the training schedule and realized our initial "base" training is coming to an end. It's exciting and a little scary. I've taken this 12 weeks seriously. But I've also missed some training, especially the biking days, and my weeklong ski trip didn't help anything.



I can't help but think about all of those days I've missed since mid-December, as we approach the end of the base training.



Looking back here are a few things I would do differently or at least take into consideration.



1. Time management. Even the light training days take time. And it seemed like either I was spending too much time on the training end or the working end, leaving little time for training. Preparing the night before - laying out my clothes, packing my gym bag etc. - is a tremendous time saver. It makes me more effective at moving from work to training and back to work again. The night before I usually think about what I'm going to do the next day. This seems to help.



2. Even a little workout helps. There were days when my schedule was so tight I didn't think I had the time to get a two-hour ride in or complete an hour run. Some of these days I skipped the training. And I would feel guilty and bad about it. So the next time I was running out of time I would just do a shorter bike or swim or run. It helped me maintain momentum and stick with my training plan.



3. Flexibility. Sometimes if I missed a training day, I would just use my rest day (Fridays) as my makeup day. Flexibility rules with a busy schedule.



4. Practice makes perfect. the fear of clipless pedals are only defeated when you practice, practice, practice.



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