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This is a good week

Posted by stesaunde on Feb 3, 2009 8:41:23 AM

I had a good bike workout yesterday - tried reading a book while riding for the first time - not a bad combination.  Yes, I was indoors:)  I was glad to see running/weights on the agenda for today because I don't think I could handle swimming today.  I've been feeling a little bit under the weather the last couple of days.  I'm finally feeling like I'm getting into a rythm with doing the workouts.  It's been hard without having someone to do them with.  I was planning on doing them with Javier but that didn't seem to work.  When I trained for a marathon I was living with my cousin and we ran together.  That was really nice - both being there in the same house and motivating each other.  It was good on the actual runs and in the actual race to be there for each other as well.


The hardest part for me so far has just been getting out the door.  I've been really busy and could have gotten more sleep and that hasn't helped.  I also have had a couple of minor set backs injury wise - the small kind of things that make good excuses to put off working out until tomorrow.  It's kind of scary loading up the actual work out program knowing that I haven't done a very good job at following the current program that was supposed to get me ready to go.  Well, I still have another week before we start the actual work out program and I'm hoping to do every single workout on schedule.  I'm really glad I'm not supposed to swim today because I really don't think that would be good for me today but hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling better.  On a side note, my skin has really dried out from being in the pool.  I've been having to use lotion like crazy.  Progress in swimming hasn't come very fast but it is coming.  Unfortunately, I'm not anywhere's close to being able to do even the current workouts - on the 20 lap day I did 12 and I was still beat.  I've done the best at making swimming workouts but I still can hang with running and biking a lot easier than swimming.  I've slacked off the most in weight training as I just really didn't know what to do.  A friend invited me to workout on Saturday, so I brought my sheet and he clarified a lot fo the exercises for me.  Between him, youtube and another guy in the gym that pointed out the thing to do back extensions on I was able to do my first real workout beyond situps and pushups.  It's no like I haven't been in a gym before but my visits have been few and far between.  Now that I know how to do the strength workouts I'll be able to knock them out today without a problem.




I'm starting to get excited about getting in shape.  I really do think that doing each of the workouts everyday is going to bring good results.  I'm actually even starting to have hope that after 3 months of pushing and learning I'll be able to swim the 1.5k in less than an hour and 20 minutes.  I almost made half a pool length the other day doing freestyle breathing to either side every three strokes.  The coolest part is how I noticed that I moved through the water quicker that way.  I'm hoping one of these days it'll just click and I'll be able to start swimming a stroke for real.  Imagine me being able to swim freestyle - that'd be sweet.



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