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Swim tips

Posted by danger prone on Feb 8, 2009 5:49:07 PM


I'm really not in the position to be giving tips about swimming. But a recent trip to the hairdresser inspired me to share a few things I've learned these past few weeks.



I've concentrated on my swimming recently and as a result I feel like I've overdosed on chlorine. It dries out your skin and hair, it ruins your swimsuit etc. My first two tips deal with chlorine, the rest are about improving breathing etc.



  • Get your head wet. My hairdresser told me that wetting your hair with tap water before jumping into the pool prevents chlorine from soaking into your hair.



  • Save your suit. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed. Swimsuits are expensive. It's sort of ridiculous. And I know that every time I get into the pool, the chlorine is slowly killing my suit. As soon as I get out of the pool, I rinse off with tap water.  When I get home, I rinse it in my sink with cold water and some mild soap.



  • Stick to the edge. When you're swimming freestyle you should spend very little time with your belly down. Instead you should be on your side, rotating your body as you move through the water. As your arm is extended out in front, your hip (on the same side) should be pointing to the bottom of the pool. The opposite hip should be pointing up to the sky.



  • Train your weak side. My brother told me about this. To learn how to breath on either side, do this drill for your first two laps. It's hard, though, so don't get frustrated. Swim with one arm - the other pinned to the side - and take a breath with every stroke. Switch arms on the next lap. It feels awkward. But it's helped me a lot.



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