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Base Training Recap

Posted by MikeDiesel on Feb 10, 2009 1:47:50 PM

Here we are starting our first week of the full Tri-Training routine and I am excited. The new program looks a lot more intense and focused than the previous plan and I am anxious to start building on my newly found running and swimming skills. Below is a summary where I sit on everything so far.


    • Swimming: I accomplished the full 1,000 meter swim at the end of the base training and I could have kept going if I wanted to. I just was not very graceful and I feel like I was putting in way too much effort getting it done. The new training with drills and detailed instructions should help a bunch.







    • Running: I can now run a solid 8 miles in a row at about an 8:30 a mile pace. I hope to be down to a sub 8 minute mile pace by the time the tri rolls around and I am sure I am capable of that.




    • Cycling: Climbing hills is easier than it was before and my recovery time is also getting faster. I attribute this to the cross training I am doing with the running and swimming. A race pace effort right now is about 18.2 MPH over 26 miles on relatively easy terrain. My goal is to be at a race pace of 20 MPH by the time I get to the Wildflower on hilly terrain. This is a pretty intense goal, but is also my favorite part of the training and I think I can do it.


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