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Swimming question

Posted by stesaunde on Feb 10, 2009 8:27:26 AM





What do you mean by drill in a swimming workout?  I'm guessing by kicking you mean holding a floating device and just kicking.



Yesterdays workout went really well although my legs came off sore from biking so I took it easy on squats.  Speaking of which - how low should I be going when I squat - do I want my rear end to almost touch the ground or do I just want my thighs to be parrallel?  I've been going till my thighs are parrallel with the ground but then I saw someone else going way low - of course I saw a bunch of people arching their backs for back extensions too so watching others may not always be a good idea.



Anyway, the best part is I did the workout and then went and played basketball afterwards and I woke up feeling pretty good this morning.  Basketball on Saturday about did me in so I'm glad to feel like I'm getting my energy back.



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