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Swimming consolation

Posted by stesaunde on Feb 11, 2009 3:27:20 PM


Even I am swimming 100 meters in less than 5 minutes.  Of course, I was pretty beat after swimming 4 sets of 100 meters yesterday when the pool closed and I didn't get a chance to see how beat I really was.  All I have to do is work up to being able to swim 4 times that without the long rests in between.  Then assuming I can maintain my current pace or faster I should be able to finish the swim before the hour 20 min cut off.  The best part is it's probably not possible to swim much slower than I already am swimming so all I have to do is build up the endurance and figure out how to actually swim.



I was feeling fine yesterday and this morning to until about 10 or 11 when my throat started getting scratchy again.  Now I'm hating it and not looking forward to biking and strength training tonight.  At least, it's not swimming.  I better get more sleep tonight to compensate.



So I'm starting to crave healthier food now.  I guess it's a result of eating better and exercising more.  Anyway, I was out of tp so I dropped by Walmart after swimming (that and I needed some flip flops because that locker room floor is pretty nasty - I haven't been very impressed with other gyms either but this one is definately the worst I've seen) and instead of just getting milk and some more cereal and pasta I went crazy with the fruit and even got a couple things of lettuce.  Now we'll see if I actually eat it.  I've hardly touched the last batch of apples and oranges that I bought ...



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