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The tri-team has been rockin! Great job everyone.



Steve, you asked about swim tips. Looks like I need to do a video on swim drills for Active. (Jesse, put these on your list.) Until that happens, here is a good resource 



I suggest doing 1-2 of the drills per swim session and once you master the ones you're doing, move to more difficult ones. Here is the progression I suggest based on the videos on the site above: 1) Fingertip drag, 2) Catch-up, 3) Fists, 4) 10 and 10, 5) One arm drill (Begin with the non-working arm extended in front of you, after you master that, try putting that non-working arm along your body.)



For squat technique, go low enough so that your quads/thigh bones/femurs are parallel to the ground. No need to go lower.



Way to go eating healthier and craving healthy foods, it's a synergistic approach to improving. All the seemingly small things add up to big success.



Mike and Kirsten, great job on the tips.



Javier - where are ya? MIA? Workouts going okay? 



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