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Looking for some motivation

Posted by danger prone on Feb 13, 2009 2:58:11 PM


A difficult triathlon in less than 12 weeks should be all the motivation I need. But apparently it's not because I've struggled a bit this week to complete all of my workouts. Running and strength training went fine. Cycling and swimming took a hit.



I'm not too worried. I know I can make it all better by shaking it off and moving forward. I just can't get over the feeling that a giant Big Ben-type clock is tick-tocking away down to the triathlon in May - and I won't be ready.



My goal for the coming week is to ride, ride, ride. I like the swimming, so normally I don't need to be encouraged to get into the pool.  I manage the workouts pretty well and don't seem to struggle too much. I am pretty slow, however.



It's the cycling, which I thought would be my greatest strength, that is really suffering. Part of it is my lack of experience and my continued fear of clipless pedals and my relatively new fear of traffic.



I'm off to watch my husband enjoy himself in a 33-mile run. Perhaps that will be the motivation and inspiration I need. Thanks Gale for the swimming drills.



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