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Laying Bricks

Posted by MikeDiesel on Feb 27, 2009 4:43:18 PM


Wheeew. The brick workouts combining running and cycling at the same time are really kicking my butt. I can maintain a good pace doing either one individually, but combining the both back to back is ****. It is taking some serious determination and mental strength to even start the run after a decent bike ride. I did start taking GU (which is an energy gel) and that seems to be helping my energy levels if I can consume one of those before I start the bike portion and one before I start the run.



I am sure this phase of wanting to lose it each time I hear the word brick will go away soon just like my resentment for the word swim soon faded a month into my base training. In the mean time, I figured I would gripe about it while I could.



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