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Just in case your workout isn't enough

Posted by stesaunde on Mar 5, 2009 9:58:07 AM

If anyone was wondering Javier is crazy.  On top of his workouts he played indoor soccer on Tuesday and Wednesday.  He was telling me about it on Wednesday morning and I didn't fully appreciate what he was talking about.  Then I played with him after my workout on Wednesday night.  First of all, I need to clarify that I'm not a soccer player and although Javier was nice enough to set me up for a goal after he beat two people I also accidentally deflected the ball into our goal on defense so it kind of evened out.  I guess there was one other one passed to me that I was able to tap in earlier on.  Nonetheless, I was beat afterwards and I didn't play half as long as he did.  My legs and feet were sore in ways I haven't experienced before.  I thought basketball once or twice a week was bad but soccer definately takes the cake. At least you don't have to jump so much in soccer.  On Monday, I was taking the ball in and pulled up for a jump shot and instead of rising into the air to a comfortable level for my shot I traveled so little that I was starting to wonder if I even left the ground.  I had come straight from the gym and apparantly my legs hadn't recovered from doing squats yet.  That was embrarrasing.  Suffice it to say I missed the shot.  As the weather continues to get better I'm hoping to start working in some Ultimate Frisbee.  I'm almost feeling like I'm getting back into the groove of working out after being out sick and I'm excited at the prospects of being in shape for a frisbee game.  At the same time I'm disappointed that I'm not in nearly as good of form as I would have hoped to be in by now.  I guess I'll just have to take full advantage of these last two months.

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